Time Line Therapy with Inspired Outcomes

Time Line Therapy with Inspired Outcomes

Inspired Outcomes uses Time Line Therapy™ to breakthrough unwanted thoughts, solve emotional difficulties, and ingrained behavioral problems.

A Conversation with Tara Kanerva, Life Coach

How would you briefly describe Time Line Therapy?

Time Line Therapy, developed by Tad James, is the most effective method of clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs using your own internal time line.

Why someone would consider Time Line Therapy (TLT)?

Because it is the most effective way to get the learning’s that you need in order to use your own life as a way to learn and grow, while leaving lifelong negative emotions behind as you move into your best, most resourceful self.

Inspired Outcomes. Time Line Therapy

Inspired Outcomes

How does TLT differ from NLP? Are they inherently connected?

They are inherently connected. TLT is an extension of NLP as developed by Tad James. It is just an extraordinarily eloquent way to use quantum physics in the brain through perceptual positions to let go of beliefs and emotions that no longer serve a positive purpose to the individual.

Time Line Therapy is faster to thoroughly clear past negative emotions than any other technique.

What do you consider the most important component of TLT?

It's the ability to experience compassion and love for yourself, in a way and at a level that is almost impossible to imagine. It connects our most positive intentions and wisdom to each and every event in our life.

Why is TLT important to you?

I let go of shame. I let go of inappropriate and disproportionate hurt and fear that was making life so much harder than it had to be. Watching people let go of those things - anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt - it's the most incredible experience. People light up in minutes and are in awe of the simplicity they feel in letting go of pain, resentment and, ultimately, all their reasons and excuses as to why they can't move forward toward their goals, love themselves and live their best life!

My name is Tara Kanerva. In my life-long search for how to actualize this ‘secret of change’, I finally discovered there was indeed a very real way to quickly and effectively shed my old, negative feelings and beliefs that persisted year after year. After experiencing my own life shift, shake and explode and was COMPELLED to help others experience the same.

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