Vitamin B12 Shots For Energy

Vitamin B12 Shots For Energy

B12 supplements and shots are both excellent ways to get B12 into your system. However, there are things to consider before deciding which is right for you.

For one thing, B12 supplements are sometimes cheaper than injections. You can find supplements in any pharmacy and you don't need a prescription for them. You can just pick them up over the counter. However, oral supplements also lose a significant portion of the vitamin in the absorption process and you would actually need to take more than the recommended dosage to feel a lot of the benefits. The digestive system also impacts whether or not your body can actually absorb B12.

B12 shots on the other hand, don't require a daily dosage, as you would with supplements. You only need about one a week or sometimes less, depending on your level of B12 deficiency. 100% of the vitamin is used by the body and you won't have to take more than the required dosage, unlike with supplements. B12 shots are considered just as safe as supplements and may actually be more cost effective than supplements in the long run.

What's the Best Way to Get Vitamin B12 Into Your System?

If you're looking for the most effective way to get B12 into your system, the best choice would be a Vitamin B12 shot. As with supplements, food sources of B12 lose a significant amount of the vitamin in the absorption process and may require more than the recommended amount. Plus, you'd have to eat lots of meat and dairy products to get the needed levels of B12 into your body, which could end up affecting your body and health.

B12 shots are a quick and easy way to get the right dosage into your body. You won't have to worry about getting the right amount and figuring out all the different measurements of food you will need to achieve this. You also won't have to worry about all the unwanted stuff like calories, sugars, salts, and fats entering your body in order to get enough B12. Plus, you won't have to take a bunch of pills everyday and you won't have to wait a few hours before feeling some of the effects. You can get a vitamin B12 shot for energy or a B12 shot for weight loss and start to feel the effects immediately. With a B12 shot, you'll get what you need without what you don't.

What's the Best Place to Get a Vitamin B12 Injection?

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