How to generate 20k monthly visitors using Long-Tail Keywords?

How to generate 20k monthly visitors using Long-Tail Keywords?
Published in Link Building Technique | 7 months ago

Long tail keywords plays a very vital role in boosting website traffic. Use proper long tail keyword and make your website rank #1 on Google.

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases that are used by visitors in a particular purchase. If you own a website or have just started a blog you must be knowing how important is it to use long tail keyword.

For example-"shoe "is a keyword, but "pure leather breathable shoe" is long-tail keywords.

Let us take a look at the step by step buying paths that a customer travels on the way to purchase:

1. Consumers became aware of the product.

2. Consumer seeks information about the product.

3. Consumer makes a purchase decision.

4. The consumer completes the payment process.

Why long-tail keywords deserve your focus?

1. Less Competition- The longer the phrase, the less competitive it is. So, it is easier to rank high through a long-tail keyword.

2. Specific traffic- Long tail keyword cannot give you tons of visitors, but obviously, it gives you a specific group of people who are an interested buyer.

3. Higher conversion rate- Long-tail keyword brings visitors who convert better. It is a quality over quantity strategy.

4. Personalization- Long-tail keywords can help you optimize your website for different users because long-tail keywords are more specific.

Tips to Increase Traffic through Long-Tail Keyword

1. Research Keywords- We know that there are two types of keywords; short-tailed, long-tailed. Long-tailed keywords are much more specific and show up less frequently. Many keyword tools are free to use. Regardless of which platform you choose to use, long-tailed keyword research is the most important to grab visitors to your site.

2. Provide Links to Pages- Google ranks WebPages based on the number of links that point in and out of a webpage. You should always provide links to important pages to increase ranking. Balancing you're in links without links keeps your website healthy and increase traffic.

3. Analyze consumer queries- It is important to provide answers promptly that supports the consumer's purchasing process. For building trust with customers, you need to answer their queries properly and on time.

4. Use informational long tails- Today's search engines are much more apt at deciphering the intent behind what the searcher wants.

5. Understand your content silo- if any site has silo content that is smaller groups for subtopic, it ranks faster than other sites.

6. Be Specific- Try to be brief and specific about your content. Focus on creating engaging content.

7. Update top posts- keep updating your top 10 high performing blog posts. You can use Google analytics to find top posts, and this helps to increase traffic.

8. Take time- you cant expect quick results as getting visitors from search engines to take time. Backlinks from quality sites, user engagement, sharing on social media platforms, comments, etc. have an impact on boosting traffic.

Steps to get 20k monthly visitors through long-tail keywords

Step 1:

The first step to generate traffic on your website is to do proper keyword research. You have to find which long-tailed keyword best suits your content. Start writing detailed articles by using descriptive keywords. It helps to increase traffic.

Step 2:

The second step is to write the content thoroughly. Content should be a result of detailed analysis and research. The average Google first page result contains 1890 words. This data reveals it all about the importance of long, detailed content. Give images wherever necessary in your content. It attracts more visitors, as we know, visual images with content generate more traffic.

Step 3:

The third step begins with the introduction of extremely important Backlinks. You cannot expect to get rank without using backlinks. The backlinks are an indication of how popular your site is, according to search engines. If you want to build 20k visitors per month, you should make quality backlinks.

Step 4:

If you want to increase your search traffic, use informational keywords such as –how to lose weight'. If you want to increase your website sales, start using commercial keywords, such as – 'weight loss training. If you want to build a profitable blog that gets more search traffic and sales, try using both the combination of commercial and informative keyword while creating content.

Step 5:

On-page SEO involves properly optimising your blog posts for your target keywords. You can add up to eight different social networks. Social media platforms will understand exactly what your content is about, and they can display your content correctly when shared.