5 Style Essentials for Businessmen

5 Style Essentials for Businessmen

Here are some of the most essential businesswear items to start with:

Leaving a good impression wherever you go is quite possibly one of the most important aspects of being a man of business, as it helps to build a good reputation, and make a name for yourself.

For that reason, any businessman who cares about his image should make it a point to invest in a wardrobe that allows him to appear formal, professional, and confident in his abilities. So, here are some of the most essential businesswear items to start with:

The right collection of suits

While all corporate attire requires a professional suit, it would be a good idea to invest in a small collection of suits, at least two or three to start, if you wear them every day. Considering the fact that business dress codes generally require the ideal fit and cut, as this conveys seriousness and professionalism, you might also want to consider bespoke tailored suits in case off-the-rack options don’t usually fit you well.

It’s also advised to stick to more neutral colors, such as black, brown, navy, and grey, as these shades tend to be the most elegant, while also being versatile enough to be worn in any combination of shirts and shoes.

A set of smart trousers and shirts

Whether you’re combining them with a suit or a pair of trousers, dress shirts will most likely be your most worn clothing item. For that reason, it would be wise to equip your closet with four or five button-up collared shirts you could rotate throughout the week. Aim for at least one pristine white shirt, and opt for light or pastel colors for the rest of your collection.

What’s more, it’s also recommended to own at least one additional pair of smart trousers that aren’t paired with a jacket, as you probably won’t be wearing a suit every day. Choose a pair of well-fitting chinos or dress trousers in a classic style, and also in a neutral shade.

Elegant business bag and wallet

Even though bags aren’t generally something men tend to think about, your work will likely require you to carry around a laptop, documents, as well as other essential items. That is why you might want to invest in a great accessory, such as a classic briefcase or a leather satchel, that will hold all of your necessities, while being sleek enough to complement your attire.

Similarly, it would be a good idea to opt for an elegant cardholder wallet that beautifully matches your professional bag, as well as your outfit. Instead of carrying cash in your pockets or using a big and chunky wallet that looks quite unseemly, cardholders are ideal alternatives that always look sleek and stylish, while still being able to hold all your essentials.

The perfect pair of dress shoes

To complete your stylish workwear, you will need one or two pairs of dress shoes that are as elegant and refined as they are business-appropriate. While Oxfords and derby shoes tend to be the most popular choices, loafers for the summer, as well as Chelsea boots for the colder months can also be great options for any businessman.

When it comes to footwear, it’s also worth investing in a high-quality pair, as such options will likely look sleek and put-together for a longer period of time. Continuing on the same note, black and brown seem to be the best color choices for professional shoes; all you have to do is select a pair that matches your suits the best.

Accessories to complete the look

Finally, your business attire will have to be topped off with the right accessories. In most cases, this will mean a classic tie that perfectly complements your collection of suits. However, ties can also represent the perfect opportunity to showcase a bit of personality while still adhering to the professional dress code, so don’t be afraid to play around with different colors, prints, and patterns.

If you’re looking for an additional accessory to complete your business looks, you can never go wrong with a classic dress watch with a leather strap. Wristwatches are truly the most timeless option that helps any outfit look more elegant and refined.

Evidently, looking professional and put-together doesn’t have to be too much work. As long as you master the essentials mentioned above, you will surely nail your business style.