5 Advantages That New Tyres Give You

5 Advantages That New Tyres Give You

Getting new tyres is something that every car owner has to do every now and then. However, even then, there’s a difference between new and brand new.

Getting new tyres is something that every car owner has to do every now and then. However, even then, there’s a difference between new and brand new. A lot of people prefer to save money by buying used tyres in pristine condition but even if they aren’t used that much, there’s a difference between almost new and brand new.

Brand new tyres give you a huge advantage in many different fields. They can enhance the performance of your vehicle, boost safety and even save money by reducing the need for frequent part replacement and giving you better fuel economy. All in all, here are the top five advantages that new tyres give you.

Better gas mileage

Fuel economy is an important topic for every single car owner out there. One of the ways to improve it is to invest in new tyres. The quality of tyres can drastically affect tyre rolling and according to some estimates, about a 10% difference here can translate into 1-2% in fuel economy. In the long run, the difference in mpg (miles per gallon) can come down to 2-4%.

Over the course of the year, this could lead to substantial savings. Sure, some may argue that these savings should be compared to the cost of new tyres, but this is faulty logic. First, you would have to buy new tyres eventually, either way. Second, new tyres give other advantages.

More control

New tyres are a crucial factor when it comes to maintaining more control on the road. The deeper the tread is, the better it resists hydroplaning. What is hydroplaning? It’s a phenomenon where, due to a thick layer of moisture on the road, the tyre loses direct contact with the road surface. This often happens when the road is covered with rain, snow, ice or mud.

In other words, new tyres with brand new tread will provide you with better traction over difficult terrain. Now, if you’re mostly driving the urban commute and your local climate isn’t that extreme, you could get by with worn-out tyres. Still, before planning a road trip, you should definitely check this.

Tyres have an expiry date

The next thing worth taking into consideration is the fact that tyres have an expiration date. It’s recommended that you replace your tyres every six years because they naturally decay over time. Some guides recommend that you replace tyres based on the mileage, but even if your car is in the garage, with time, your tyres might start rotting from the inside.

So, by buying new quality tyres, you will put yourself in a position where you don’t have to worry about this for years. You can prolong their useful life by rotating them, but even that has its limits.

Better driving experience

With new tyres, you get a much better driving experience. First of all, more control and more reliable contact to the surface provide a smoother ride. This means that the vehicle will be much less likely to be shaky and noisy while driving it. Second, because you get more control, your vehicle will be a lot more responsive.

This gives the driver more confidence when controlling the vehicle and enables them to drive the vehicle more confidently. It also slightly alters your driving experience by allowing you to be more relaxed while driving. By knowing that you have full control of the vehicle you might slightly change your driving habits, as well.

Saving your vehicle

Having a vehicle that works optimally at all times is something quite unprecedented. It’s a method that could end up saving your vehicle. You see, whenever your vehicle runs on rough terrain with suboptimal tyres, its entire mechanism has to work extra hard in order to maintain balance. The fuel economy is just a symptom of this problem.

The harder your vehicle has to work (per mile) the more fuel it spends. This means that, with suboptimal tyres, you will put yourself in a position where your entire vehicle endures significantly less wear and tear. This means that you will have to spend less money on part replacements and repairs.


At the end of the day, buying new tyres is something that you definitely need to consider. Sure, you can save a lot by buying used tyres, but the results will never be quite the same. Moreover, despite what the previous owner claims, you can never trust them 100%. On the other hand, by buying brand new and getting tyres whose characteristics fulfill all your criteria, you will give your vehicle the treatment it deserves.