Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

The main reason why I chose to help others in their financial journeys.

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Back in the mid 90’s, in the hills of British Columbia I was employed as a junior accountant for a local accounting firm. One snowy morning we had a new client walk through our doors. He looked bothered, actually, more like distressed. The lines in his face indicated this was not a new feeling for him but something that had become very common. He was in dire straits and confused about the whole financial world and how to keep track of it all. He was an extremely successful business man that owned and operated a small business without the small community and was fortunate enough to love what he did. Not many people can have the same comment.

Our new potential client had a big issue though. He loved what he did but he had no idea of all the rules that needed to be followed so that he could properly record his income. Revenue Canada auditors were on their way to perform an audit in a few weeks time and he was panicking. He had no clue what documents they were even asking to have prepared for them.

We helped him through the whole process but his health had taken a big blow before he approached us.

He eventually sold his business to one of his employees and proceeded to work for him instead. The stress had done him in.

Why do we wait until things have gotten so out of control before seeking assistance? Do we think we should be experts at everything or is it just pride that stands in our way?

I remember the look that man had on his face when he first walked through our entrance door. I vowed at the time what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to make a positive difference and be witness to the change in the physiology when clients realize that the nightmare doesn’t have to happen to them. I love to see the stressed faces become soft with knowing that things will be taken care of. To be able to share my vast amount of knowledge with as many small/medium sized business owners as I can reach in my lifetime. You are good at your business and I am good at tracking, accounting, and generating your numbers for you so you can improve upon them.

Why I do what I do