Why build solid business relationships?

Why build solid business relationships?

You never know when you will need to rely on someone for help.

Last week I lost my house key. It was Friday morning, with a long weekend imminent, and I lost my house key. I had plans for the day; I was going to work at my desk and catch up on outstanding jobs and be productive. The long weekend would arrive and I would be ready for a good break and feel like I had accomplished my goals for the week. Then I lost my house key!

We never plan for unexpected events like locking yourself out of your house. It threw me into a frenzy of getting work done outside of the office and also trying to find my missing key. I was not prepared but I made the best of the situation. I retraced my steps but the key never appeared. Luckily I have kind neighbours who took me in briefly in my time of need.

key lost returned

Lost and found

By Saturday, I thought perhaps I should check with Frannie’s restaurant, where I had breakfast on Friday morning. They had my key! It was on the steps in front of the door. How did I not notice?! Well, I didn’t notice, but someone did. And I was thrilled!

I have gotten to know Frannie over the last few months as I visit her restaurant every week or two. It’s a great place to meet between Kitchener and Guelph, so it is convenient. But I really go there because the service is amazing. Where else can you go where they know your name and make sure that a lost valuable is kept safe to be returned to its rightful owner? I am grateful and very lucky that I got to know Frannie and her staff and they took care of me. How amazing is that?

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Relationships can lead to success

Considering all of the restaurants, cafes and shops I visit on a regular basis, I realize that the relationships and personal service are my primary motivation for returning time after time. Yes, I like their products, but knowing that they want to help me and serve me is the best part. Those relationships are a huge factor in their business success.

Keep that in mind - why do your customers keep coming back? What do you give them that makes their experience amazing or different?

I will keep going back to Frannie’s to enjoy the service and the experience and know that they want to have me back (I hope!).