Who's going to momondays, March 19th, 2018?

Who's going to momondays, March 19th, 2018?

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment, and prizes.

Here is the March 19th speaker lineup for momondays. To purchase tickets, click here:

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Jacob Moore

jacob moore, speaker, momondays

I Can’t Count to Ten…

Over the 25 years of his existence, Jacob Moore has become quite familiar with losing control, particularly when it comes to his health. From being born with a few pieces missing, to nearly dying in 2009 he has learned that often the best approach to these times is positivity, optimism and a healthy dose of humour

Like it or not, your life is not always under your control. However, how you handle it is.

Gord Melville

gord melville, speaker, momondays

Rhinos and a 2x4

Gord Melville learned the hard way that Self Care needs to be at the top of one's life triangle because if not, and one becomes ill in any way; we are useless to our family, friends and businesses we run. It’s actually very selfish not to look after yourself!

Work hard and play hard, suck the marrow out of the bones and Carpe Fatum, but for goodness sake, take care of yourself first!

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Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas, speaker, momondays

Living Beyond the Label

Laura Thomas knows what it feels like to be on the cold kitchen floor. After thinking she had her life figured out, it was all taken away with four words: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Those four words, a label given to her by a tragedy, held her captive and Laura was gone. She took her power back now coaches other women who have lost their identity and shares her story of inspiration on many stages. Each of us can take control of our own lives if we start believing in our own worth.

Rob Osburn

rob osburn, speaker, momondays

Celebrate the Small Wins!

Rob Osburn ties together a few stories in his life where he had a small win. In Kindergarten he soiled himself at school...but none of his classmates found out - He got to work on the TV show Survivor - A bad business decision cost him $15,000. The life blow led to rediscovering his faith in life.  Six months later he randomly won $15,000 in a lottery. He was restored!

A lot of people hold out for that big win. But if we can celebrate the small wins, over time it can be just as impactful.

Alyssa Twist Light

Alyssa Twist light, speaker, momondays

Speaking of Something Funny

People have all kinds of hobbies and interests, most of which bring out the best in them. But what happens when one of your favourite things to do is surprise people? How big can a surprise get? How meaningful can one be? Alyssa Twist Light has been surprising people for years and the more she does the more she wants to. From flying across the country to surprise a little girl, to buying onesies for every member of her staff team, the legends of Alyssa’s surprises live on - inspiring others to do the same.

Sarah McLeod

sarah mcleod, speaker, momondays


Singer Sarah McLeod is a self-taught solo musician. Hailing from Owen Sound, Sarah has strong country roots but since 2005, she’s called Kitchener-Waterloo home - a city where she began challenging herself to face her stage fright head on by attending open mics. She often entertains seniors by singing songs and performing as she felt a great sense of purpose with those performances. She now performs at dozens of seniors’ homes, connecting her audience and encouraging them to sing and dance. Sarah has slowly grown her live show across the Tri-City and you can expect to hear her rich, powerful voice belting out rock, country, soul and roots music. Sarah is a popular face on the local music scene so check her out at a venue near you!

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