Who's going to momondays, January 15th, 2018?

Who's going to momondays, January 15th, 2018?

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment, and prizes.

Here is the January 15th speaker lineup for momondays. To purchase tickets, click here:

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Marsha Vanwynsberghe

marsha van

The Why doesn’t matter

Marsha learned the power of letting go of the question, "why me?". As a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse she hid from the world and let shame control her life. She will offer ways to journey more effectively through the parenting maze or through any adversity that is holding you back in your life.

Sharon Parsons

sharon parsons

Stop Saying Yes

Are you a people pleaser? Do you have a hard time saying no to people? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and over extended constantly? Well Sharon is here to tell you when you say yes to anything you are actually already saying no to something else. When she started to think about it like this, before she made any choices it actually made it easier to say no to things and feel ok about it


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Trevor Ross

trevor ross

The Outspoken Chef

As The Outspoken Chef, calling out the elephant in the room, I highlight broken pieces within the food-industry puzzle. Although I realized at 15 the significance and 'Magic of Thinking Big', I later realized I was chasing Society's idea of success and not my own.  Today, I have a whole new concept of success and a fresh set of goals, ambitions and purpose.

Kim Basler

kim basler

My Journey Towards Embracing All Of Me

Many of us are exposed to messages that thin is beautiful and that being needed equals worthiness. We find ourselves searching for acceptance and the next "best diet". Although Kim Basler influenced others to love their body through health and fitness, she was missing some of this in herself. When her health began to suffer she left her job and began the work of loving all of herself again.

Anthea Van Der Pluym

Anthea Van Der Plum

Art is a Healer

Anthea wants you to know that the creative process is fabulous for allowing you to express emotions without words. It brings closure and acceptance at the psychological level and also provides you with a physical piece of work which you can use in your home. Her focus, specifically on oil painting and how she used abstracts for hard to define emotions, lighthouses for safety and sunsets and sunrises for closure and new beginnings. Anthea also focuses on how colour helped her express herself.

Dan Walsh

dan walsh

Dan Walsh, musician, will be the entertainer at the half-time show.

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