Who's going to momondays, December 18th, 2017?

Who's going to momondays, December 18th, 2017?

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment, and prizes.

Here is the December 18th speaker lineup for momondays. To purchase tickets, click here:

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Dave Derraugh, momondays

We all have specific memories, remembrances, things, events and places that we cherish and hold onto in our hearts from over the years, over our Christmas and Holiday seasons. For Dave, these have been some simple but important, traditional things, like quality time spent watching Christmas movies with specific Christmas messages. Like visiting the mall late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, not to ever buy anything, but to resonate in and love the atmosphere, warmth and feel - to enjoy and soak in the Christmas music and lyrics. Going to the candlelight church service on Christmas Eve. Planning and arranging to go away for a night or two sometime after Christmas Day. These various memories were - and became - his loving traditions. Traditions that connected with his heart and soul and became part of who he is.


angel francisco

We don't often associate the gangster life to a young 15 year old girl. Well, that was Angel, the one young girl in the scene, running the gangster game after leaving home at age 15. Angel found herself in a spiral down after moving in with her drug-dealing boyfriend. The drugs, stolen goods, bank robbery outfits, guns, ammunition he housed, were not enough to deter her from staying in this lifestyle, for she found love and attention that she longed for. After suffering depression, anorexia, anger, losing herself inwardly by going against her convictions and outwardly, dressing in baggy jeans, runners and a diamond cut gold tooth, Angel escaped! How? Angel, now an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and beauty connoisseur turned it all around and went from Gangsta to Glory!

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mk Piatkowski, momondays

Going to see a band at Lee's Palace ends up being the moment that changed her life. Becoming obsessed with an Australian rock star had MK question everything she thought she knew and brought her to her true self.


kevin bulmer, momondays

We seem to wish - and plan - for perfect. A perfect Christmas. A perfect vacation. A perfect relationship. A perfect job. A perfect life. And yet, perfect is not what we experience, remember or celebrate.

We wish for perfect but we relate to real. Never mind perfection this holiday season and beyond. Celebrate life the way it is, whatever happens!


renate donnovan, momondays

10 years ago, Renate Donnovan found a tumor in her face. The discovery changed the direction of her life forever.


jesse parent, musician, momondays

“My whole life, I’ve been on stage somehow,” says Parent, a self-described folk-rock, Canadiana artist, who takes his cues from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Blue Rodeo - to name a few.

In September 2016 Jesse released his first live album with his band, The Pines. He has been described as ‘subtly captivating, a fetching blend of folk, rock, and blues”, "Americana music injected with a modern sensibility". With this new release they are happy in their new sound which blends folk, rock, blues, and country elements.

“I like to write story-based, lyric driven songs. I try to draw people in, make a connection somehow,” he offers.

Parent’s early influences came from discovering his dad’s record collection: Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, The Beatles and the occasional Elvis Costello record.

“I like the sense of being with people of like minds - a kind of understanding. A connection through the music.”

“I know when I go see a show, I like to see people who are really passionate about what they do,” he says, adding that well-crafted songs are vital.

Whether he’s playing solo or with his band he says, “I like to play as much as possible. Whether it’s practicing, rehearsing, jamming or writing, I just want to play”.

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