What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in direct sales?

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in direct sales?
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Be your authentic self and offer value every time

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in direct sales?

Be your authentic self and offer value every time

1. Educate yourself

Knowledge is power and never truer than in the direct sales market. To be able to sell products, you’ve got to have some solid knowledge in the bank to impart to customers. Make sure you know the top 3-5 products that your company sells and learn their main selling points. Then, pick a few other products in the line and become an expert. The more you know, the more you can sell!

Be aware of who is doing what in your industry. Ask questions of those who are reaching sales goals consistently and ask them what they are doing. Most successful people are willing to share their knowledge.

2. Choose your target customers

You have heard of identifying your target audience, well I am going to suggest you choose your target customers. For example, you might choose to work with middle-aged women, then learn everything you possibly can about the lifestyle of a middle-aged woman: jobs, family, fashion. You don’t need to be able to relate, but you do have to be in the know of your target audience to get a better idea of how to make a better sale to them.

You will also want to learn everything about products that will speak to that audience and sell the benefits.

3. Write about it

When we are passionate about what we do, then speaking or writing about it becomes second nature. Maybe you can share some real life stories (with the permission of the person concerned that is). You do not need to use names, just the experience…for example:

When Sarah got her new spices and herbs in from us, she learned all she could, looked up new recipes and now really wants to prepare and cook meals for her family. In her own words…..”the days of fast food are long gone, my new recipes are bringing my family to the table every day and we are sharing with one another” What a wonderful feeling that would be and to share with others will get them wanting to find out more about your product line.

You could do this in a blog, or as an article for a newsletter. Many people who write newsletters are looking for content. Again, this positions you as someone who knows what they are doing.

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in direct sales?

4. Speak about it

I mentioned speaking. Do you belong to any networking groups? Do they have speakers? Have you ever approached anyone about speaking at a future meeting?

What service clubs do you have in your area, they often look for speakers. Other places to speak may be community centres, employment or service agencies that help others find work or retrain them.

Speaking gives you credibility……but do not go into it without practicing. You may know your stuff, but when it comes to speaking on it, all kinds of distractions and nerves can get in the way. Practice in front of a mirror, time your presentation. Many clubs will ask you for a 10, 20, 30, 40 minute presentation. You need to think of speaking like doing a full feature movie, then the trailer, then a quicker movie clip in terms of timing. If you have a helpful family or friends, ask them what they think and remember, if you slip up and forget to say something, its ok, they had no idea what you were going to say anyway and you can always follow up if it was an essential missing piece.

5. Gratitude

Shopping is a personal experience and most people do not want to be sold to, but they do want the opportunity to buy. Don’t try to push a customer in the direction of a product they don’t really want. You don’t want to turn into a slimy salesperson as that might lose you the sale. If a customer is looking to buy a product that you genuinely believe is wrong for their needs then suggest a different one that you think might suit them better. However, do support their decisions in whatever product they choose, though – they understand their needs better than you do. Give them the space to make their own decisions.

Every sale should follow with a thank you, at the time of the sale and if you want to go the extra mile, send out a personal card congratulating them on their purchase, thanking them and let them know you are looking forward to hearing from them after they have used the product a few times to let you know their thoughts. Do not just leave it to them to contact you, make a note in your agenda to follow up and ask them how they felt about the product.

What sets you apart from the hundreds of thousands of others in direct sales?