Thought-provoking Speaker for Women's and Girls Events

Thought-provoking Speaker for Women's and Girls Events

"Because no woman should have to choose between her career and living her fullest life."

Looking for a speaker that successfully created massive shifts in their own lives; transforming not just themselves in the process but others with her stories?

Guelph-based Author, Life & Executive Career Coach, and Catalyst, Danielle Joworski has been creating buzz for the last 2 years, ever since she made the decision at 40 to re-discover who she is and re-defining how she viewed success.

Thought-provoking Speaker for Women's and Girls Events

Danielle offers a fresh approach to the sea of coaches and speakers talking about transformation, making difficult choices, and empowerment.  Her speaking engagements and workshops are geared to have audience members as active participants in the process. With a preference for turning opportunities into learning experiences, Danielle will have audiences reflecting on their own successes, decisions, and goals.

Further setting herself apart, Danielle's multi-dimensional, some might say multi-generational, approach to her work is rooted in her best-selling and award-winning book, The ATHENA Prodigies, Empowering Women Empowering Girls. Her focus extends beyond helping corporate Mothers create a happy life:work balance, to connecting Mothers and daughters to themselves, each other, and their leadership mindsets. Together.

Thought-provoking Speaker for Women's and Girls Events

Relying on her background in leadership, training, mentoring and instructional design, and experiences as a working Mom, Danielle brings an authentic perspective to helping both women and girls expand their leadership mindsets, ability to be role models, and mentors to the generations of women and girls needing leaders ~ Heroines ~ to look up to.

As an experienced Keynote and Featured Speaker, Danielle has a learner-centered and collaborative style.  Her key speaking topics are:

  • Corporate: Define your Success
  • Entrepreneur/Networking: Stories of a #corporatedropout
  • Schools/Girls Community Groups: I AM. I CAN. I WILL. Be a Leader.

Flexible in her writing style, custom talks and presentations can be created for your inclusive event.

To learn more about Danielle Joworski and her fit to speak at your next event, connect with her anytime at or via her website.

Danielle Joworski is a Life and Executive Career Coach helping devoted Corporate Mothers create a happy life:work balance with strategic solutions and personalized strategies that help them naturally achieve the career success they want while living their fullest life. She is a 2017 Rhyze Award winner honoring women entrepreneurs, and a bestselling and award-winning Author of The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls. Learn more about Danielle and download her latest FREE gift at her website