The Love Your Vibe Transformation!

The Love Your Vibe Transformation!

"I help women who have been victim of abuse, and still living in fear, find their power and get the respect they deserve, and become a miracle magnet!"

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Nice for you to take the time to read this post.

Do you feel that you keep attracting crap in your life?   That bad things keep happening to you?  That it just seems like the universe is out to get you?   I can totally relate to that!   My journey has been filled with trauma, pain and fear since I was very young.  But I now live my life with this wonderful powerful asset and live in a Good Vibration Zone, most days.  Hey, everyone has bad days!  But it's how you deal, assess and how quickly you turn the bad day into a good one that is a triumph for me now! So powerful!

If this resonates with you, I have some really amazing news to share... its not them, its you!  Sorry to be blunt, but it's the reality.   Things aren't happening TO YOU and I can help you see that.   I am a Miracle Mindset Mentor with The Love your Vibe Transformation.   Elvira Hopper, who developed the Love your Vibe Transformation, has one goal in mind:

help kind, heart-centered, beautiful souls get out of their own f’n (fear & ego) way to create an authentic life of THEIR dreams (not their parent’s or society’s).

She want them to naturally and quickly leave behind the darkness that has kept them stuck and connect to WHY they were brought here in THIS lifetime.  She has developed a very unique, effective and affordable way to experience personal growth and development with your year long program.

This Miracle Mindset Mastermind is a year long facilitated program that puts 'The VIP Mindset Reset Online' course content as well as each Miracle Mindset Mentor/leader's unique teachings into create miracles of transformation in every participant.

This inspiring and powerful journey is for people who are looking for personal growth and concrete ways to create a more positive mindset, which affects every area of their life. Each participant becomes a part of a small yet powerful, loving, intentional community where all are safe, seen, celebrated and supported! You can be from anywhere in the world as this is a online/zoom supported program.

Learning the tools is great! But the follow through, the daily practice, the support from a small community we build is what really makes the difference.  It's by following the practice supported by myself, your Miracle Mindset Mentor, that you can find your peace, get to your goals, whatever those are, and start to see miracles.

Please contact me to find out more about this life changing program, or visit our site at