Setting Goals with Divine Assistance

Setting Goals with Divine Assistance

Feb 9th at 645pm-815pm Goal Setting, are you ready to make some goals and looking for a class that can assist you...and support you, body, mind and soul?

So many of us need to gather in a group, to assist us with our goals, and to receive what we desire, as humans, to gather. When we our in a group, there is a unique synergy, that happens, without us even knowing about it.

Being supported, and nurtured in a group, energetically, and by what we say and are actions, shows that we care, about ourselves and others. We become disjointed if we spend too much time, all by ourselves. In business, we work hard, we need to know we are supported, and in our nurturing events and classes, we intend only this. You are part of the whole universe, as we work together, more is being done on all levels of being.

Setting Goals with Divine Assistance

You Asked: Setting Goals with Angels and Source energy class.

Feb 9th at 645pm-815pm

Take time with synergy of intention, working with Angels & Source to set your goals. Bring a notebook, there will be some writing for you to do. Popular class, running this extra one. Next one after this set for July 23rd. If you have a group of 4, I will run this class for your group.  This class allows us to lighten up and trust ourselves, and our connection to our divine wisdom. Cost $25.00

event at 16 Westwood Cres. Cambridge.

Karen Egoff

Wellness practitioner and facilitator

Teacher of Yoga, Reiki, & workshops.

We are here to listen to your needs, to grow and re connect to inner peace, joy and harmony. If you are looking for more ease, and want to meet other like minded people, check out our website, and follow your heart....learn to reconnect to your inner wisdom. Live life to its very fullest!