My journey to Massage Therapy

My journey to Massage Therapy

Aftermarket construction care to personal wellness care

My name is Mara Dodig and I am blessed to be able to be a practising Registered Massage Therapist  that practises under the business name Rhythmos.  I predominantly operate out of Simply Pure Spa.  Additionally, I am a doTerra essential oil distributor for the benefit of my clients.

Before training to be a RMT I managed the office of an aftermarket construction business.

My work in construction taught me that as long as the work is completed in a reliable, professional way, coupled with a joyful manner, people will call on you to serve them; no matter what the economical environment.

I learned the benefits of being organized, communicating to clients their importance and our commitment to give them positive outcomes from their individualized service.

I had a dream in my heart to be a wellness advocate. I was passionate to learn alternative practises to overcome and heal insults to the body and mind.

Relax Body Soul Benefits of Massage

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Empowering others to act now instead of wait for the doctor to be free for 15 min.

My father had a dream to retire and build a new home closer to my family but died within 3 months of his 69th birthday. He was the healthiest, most joyful individual that I knew and he died with this dream in his heart because he wanted the timing to be perfect.

I was terrified to go back to school after not being a student for 20 years but I was more terrified how much smaller my life would progressively get, by not perusing my passion.

There are times it would be easier to have someone else directing my work life. However; when a massage treatment is going particularly well and giving extra time, additional therapies and of myself to successfully achieve a wellness goal, this energizes me. As the owner of Rhythmos, I am able to tailor my treatments to my client’s needs, be those needs: physical conditions, time, sensitivities, and location. Every day I learn new information on how to help specific disorders and I can act on it instead of being constrained by the limitations of an employer’s practise.

Mara Dodig