Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo, July 17th

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo, July 17th

Get inspired, have fun, meet new people. Momondays is where you meet the nicest people. Join us for speakers, stories, entertainment and prizes.

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Rakesh Mishra, momondays

Rakesh Mishra

Meet the Real Slumdog Billionaire!

Finding purpose in the eyes of a CHILD!

It was my 35th birthday and few family friends paid a surprise visit to my home to celebrate. That night I couldn't sleep and the whole night I was just thinking that I'm already 35 and soon 70,80 90 and dead and gone! Is that what life is all about? I asked my wife and parents to go Cuba for a week alone to reflect on life to find the purpose for living. In one week I wrote 1700 pages and after reflecting on that writing found out that I love helping others and decided to become a billionaire, not the moneywise rather reaching out to a billion people and help in some way before my last breath. Came back to Toronto with the plan and everything was running smoothly but one night everything changed when my 3 hours old son saved my life and gave me a real purpose to live life.

No matter how adverse circumstances are, if you are breathing it's not done yet and once you stop breathing who cares!

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo, July 17th Taylor Jane Green, momondays

Taylor Jane Green

Invisible Vulnerabilities Inspired My Self-Compassion

When Taylor Jane's youthful dreams of being an artist crashed and burned, unbeknownst to her, she entered an auto-pilot state of a wanting 'Yes to life' that ended in cancer. Her diagnosis helped her reclaim her birthright as a human being who wanted to live, not a "human-doing" who was a failure. For 15 years she took on more vulnerability, imperfection and shame without needing to "die" over it.

Sometimes, a part of you needs to die, to get it about how to live.

Yvette Raposo, momondays

Yvette Raposo

Write From the Boxer's Heart

Lessons from the boxing ring as they relate to your everyday life.

Life is like a Boxing match; it could be beautiful and tragic, graceful and brutal, poetic and a jumbled mess of chaos all at the same time. As a former fighter and Ontario Boxing Champion, Yvette knows this first hand. The ring was her life; she was undefeated and on the rise until one day, her career ended due to injury. The next 15 years would prove to be a different kind of battle for Yvette in which there were no rules or helpful handbook. This story is about how her unconventional career continued in boxing which meant constantly going against the grain and persistently creating her own opportunities in life. Ultimately it was the wisdom from her own sport which provided Yvette with all the confidence she needed to step back through those ropes again: this time as Ring Announcer and Public Speaker.

Learn how to wake up that fighter who resides within and approach life like a boxing match: have a game plan, know your opponent, protect yourself always and always be prepared.

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo, July 17th Damien Reid, momondays

Damien Reid

Too Young to Die!

One Person Can Make THE Difference

Damian’s surgeon said, “If we had waited until morning you would not have been here.” How did he get here? A week earlier, he was enjoying a spiritual retreat with his friends. Maybe “enjoying” might be too strong a word. He was at the peak of his health, competing athletically. How did it all come down to one person making THE difference between life and death?

Life is short and you never know when your time could be up.

Kim Hutten, momondays

Kim Hutten

By Your Side

Walking alongside terminal illness.

After having a wonderful childhood and a pretty ordinary life, Kim's life was changed forever after walking through an illness journey with a close friend. Her eyes were opened to the struggles and afflictions that life can bring, and the burdens that some people must bear. Alone. With a mutual love of animals, the friendship between Kim and her friend Marie was formed and with a mutual love of animals this friendship will forever remain. Kim now walks with the memory of her friends' journey on her sleeve, in her heart, and always on her mind. She has made it a life mission to help take away some of the burdens of others as they walk through the roller coaster ride of terminal illness, and to use her compassion and skill in animal health care, as a Registered Veterinary Technician, to improve the lives of people while advocating for their pets.

We can all learn something from our friends, family, connections and experiences in life. Every person has a story worth telling, and has a story that will shape you in some fashion or another. It takes strength, partnership, friendship and community to walk you through some of the most difficult days in your life. Knowing that there are compassionate people volunteering their time and wearing their hearts on their sleeves is one of the most heartwarming and incredible things you will witness when you are swept into the roadways of illness. As a person who has walked an illness journey with a very close friend, Kim looks back and reflects that when you are healthy and life is great it's easy to forget what paths others are walking. It's so easy to forget that we are not alone in this world, and that there is so much more than just you or I, and what's currently playing on Netflix. Kim looks back and realizes that her experience has not made her a professional, or accomplished, but have made her more caring and compassionate. The well-known saying of "Always be humble and kind" rings truer than ever before.

Every day counts. Illness has no age limit or requirement, it makes no discrimination's, so take it seriously, have fun, smile, and always be kind.

Momondays Kitchener-Waterloo, July 17th Juneyt Yekiner

Juneyt Yekiner

Juneyt is a new kind of flamenco guitarist. His dream is to make the beauty and intricacy of flamenco relevant and accessible to the contemporary ear. If you are passionate about life and music, you will enjoy the talented Juneyt.