May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

So nice to see the beautiful green lawn, and budding trees. I was up north on the weekend, and saw they are a couple of weeks behind South Western Ontario.

May is here, as a business owner and home owner, it is a quest to figure out what do on a sunny day on the weekends.....gardens or work on computer? Brian is good at getting me outside, yes the thinker and computer & science guy, took me by the hand, and exclaimed, "Come outside to join me."

I am glad I did. I sorted through some seeds we wanted to plant, ( we always seem to have so many choices).

I have been gathering heritage seeds, and organic seeds from local friends and buying on line as well. It is much better, Brian and I believe, to do so.

May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

Gardens are up and thriving!

We spend so much time in doors over the winter months, it is so key to get ourselves into nature, and spend time planting or appreciating the gardens and new growth in gardens around us, even if you don't plant one yourself. I like to eat quality food, and the less processed our food, the better our bodies feel.

May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

When I was in Italy a few years ago, I ate fresh salads and vegetables every day as well as pizza, pasta and bread, which was surprising for me to do, with no tummy ache. I realized that it was the quality of the good food that I was eating. Everything I consumed, had such great quality. It was all natural, you did not need to look for was in every restaurant, and grocery store. Good quality, healthy vegetation and baked goods.... all around. I encourage you to look at harvesting seeds that are not GM seeds (genetically modified) and see if you can taste the difference, or feel the difference.

I am not saying start eating more wheat, but do look at the source and country of origin of your flours, ask at your bulk stores, for a organic choice, keep the wheat belly down, by making different grain choices such as heritage grains of: quinoa, buckwheat and oats. Here is a link to a myriad of grains for your well being.

May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

Heritage grains, are great for most diets.

Of course if you have allergies to any grain, then check out which ones work for you. There are so many choices in your bulk dept. of healthy choice grocery stores.

May a splendid time for planting seeds & ideas.

Bread made with ancient grains and heritage grains, are better for digestion.

Paste the link below into your browser, and read more on grains.

Taking care, and checking out your options, is important in Canada, we can ask for ancient grains and heritage grains at our local markets and restaurants.

It all starts with our research, and asking for better quality choices, don't you agree?

Karen Egoff is a Reiki master teacher, raw food chef, and has her  Natural Health Fundamentals certificate.

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