Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

As women, are the stories you tell yourself helping or holding you back? What are they telling our younger generation of girls without you even realizing it?

I was asked a question in my late 30's that changed my life.

A question that had me reflecting on all the stories that I thought (and believed!) had defined who I was, what I was doing, and where my life should be headed.  I thought at the time I knew who I was.

Almost two years later, I am still on a journey to fully answer the question I was asked.  However, I know that because of that question, I made an illogical but all-knowing decision to help women of all generations to awaken to the power of their stories.


I am proof that stories many women are telling themselves are so full of negativity that so many of us are endangering our selves, our health and our wealth believing them.  We are then endangering the self-love, health and wealth of our younger generation of girls.

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

With one question, I started to realize the power that my stories had on holding me back, living a life but not MY life.  Stories shared with me, by women I knew and did not even know, after I made the decision to resign from corporate life, compels me to help awaken women of all generations to the power of their stories and the infinite potential that exists when we share them.

Is it really possible that infinite potential exists when women share their stories with each other?

Absolutely.  Unequivocally yes.  Proof of this infinite potential is that those stories shared with me after I resigned were the catalyst behind my international bestselling, and award-winning book The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls.

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What started out as fulfilling a teenage dream to write a book,  The ATHENA Prodigies has grown into so much more.  Achieving my dream of becoming an Author is one of many dreams that I have materialized as I continue to believe in the positive stories that I am telling myself, with me seeing, feeling and BEing the Heroine of them.

By continuing to awaken to, and sharing my stories, I have crafted unique tools and services that are different.

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

My focus is not just to help awaken and empower women. I am different because I extend this focus to our younger generation of girls, and then to connecting the generations.

The ATHENA Prodigies is proof of this focus.  It also represents how the words I write and speak are designed to be the catalyst that ignites a spark of imagination, creativity, passion or desire to achieve dreams or goals in women - from girls to grandmothers.

What would your life look like if that spark was ignited inside of you?
How would you feel when you get to that point whereby you can look back at your newly shaped stories, and you stand proud knowing that you possessed the strength, confidence and courage to pursue your dreams?

What would you feel like knowing that by awakening to the power of your stories and taking action to turn dreams into reality, that you empowered the younger generation of girls within your life to awaken to their stories?  And, not just awaken but feel inspired to shape their stories into what they want because they see, feel and want to also BE the Heroine of their stories … just like you?

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

My vision as a Catalyst is to provide women of all generations with multiple platforms in which to awaken to the power of their stories, then to share them. I do this by pulling from my background and experience in adult education, instructional design and training as well as being a woman and Mom to a daughter.  I have a desire to bring generations together to not just share their stories, but to learn from them, and learn about each other.  A simple thought but not so simple in execution.

Why as women, as we strive to discover ourselves can we not also discover the generations of girls and women around us? Why should we as women come continue to feel isolated and solitary in our attempts to see, feel and BE the Heroines of our own stories...of our own results?

We should not have to continue to feel this way ... and we no longer have to.  And we can role model and mentor our younger generations of girls to not have to settle ... that they can be empowered to believe and achieve alongside us ladies.

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

As the founder of a Women's Leadership Masterclass (click here to learn more), I help women to connect over sharing real stories of successes and make requests for help from the brilliance and experiences within the stories of other women.

I believe that women are more engaged and connect faster when we share our experiences first before what we do.

As a writer for my blog and several online venues including E Female Executive Magazine, THRIVE Collaborative and Let's Go Ladies, my words carry with them a desire to inspire, invoke reflection, and add fuel to the spark simmering within the souls of women.

As a Speaker, I am no longer afraid to speak up to share my stories, and myself, with others. Through sharing my stories, and listening to the stories shared back with me, I have realized that women are not alone in their fears, struggles or desire to expand our capabilities.  No matter what our age, our fears and believed (or perceived) barriers are eerily the same.  I know that by speaking and sharing my experiences, I have empowered women and girls to awaken to their stories and think about them with a different perspective.

Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?

Everyday, I write a new chapter whereby I AM the Heroine of my own story.  No longer a bystander.  No longer a victim.  No longer a supporting actress.  The Heroine is the only role that I want to play.   It is the role that I AM.  All of this is what I draw upon as I write, speak and lead.

What story do you want to change that is holding you back from the life, goals or dreams that you want to achieve?
Are you ready to see, feel and BE the Heroine of your own story?  Do you have a desire to inspire her to see, feel and BE the Heroine of her story?

Start awakening to the power of your stories.

Let me help you awaken the power within your stories, and your infinite potential.

Awaken. Empower. Master.


Ladies: Could Answering 1 Question Change your Life?


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