January Rain, time to bring in some joy!

January Rain, time to bring in some joy!

Hi so may of us find the winter blues after the busy December holidays. Let's talk about ways you can pick up your energy.

During the gloomy month of January, we do need ways of keeping up our energy, for our family, and for our work.

Here are some tips that can help.

1. Take time to do 20 minutes of exercise 3 x's a week. I enjoy teaching yoga, and anyone who has not tried this, check out you tube for a beginners class, and start stretching.

2.Light a candle, or use a battery operated candle, and give yourself permission, to take 5 minutes of candle gazing. Slow down your breathing, and mindfully, gaze.  When 5 minutes is up or longer, thank yourself for finding time for inner peace.

3. Put away the refined sugar products, give them away if need be.  Try having something healthy, such as a piece of fruit, or go to some form of exercise. Keep mind busy.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. You can have herbal tea, no sugar or milk, plain tea, will assist with cleansing as well.

5. Smile, find ways that make you smile, look up funny videos on you tube, and have a laugh. This is so good for our day.

6. Get your 7 to 8 hours of sleep, or what is right for you. We all have different needs. Find time for work, play, and rest. This will give you a better attitude.

Karen Egof

Yoga/Reiki teacher


January Rain, time to bring in some joy!