Full Crow Moon March 1 2018...

Full Crow Moon March 1 2018...

Are you ready for the changes that this full moon will bring? Listen to the calls of nature, take time off the computer, and into nature.

Full Crow Moon March 1 2018

Feb 28, 12:00 AM – Mar 2, 12:00 AM

This full moon on March 1 2018 will be about changes, we are moving into spring soon, and we are changing with the earth elements, and shifting, becoming more create with the sunlight shining more with additional sun we strengthen. The crow moon will add more spiritual strength to your journey and connect us more with community. Find ways to honor the full moon, either with celebrations with a group Feb 28 to March 1st, and know that 2 days prior and after the full moon, is a great time to manifest ...with energy from Crow moon, I have noticed there is many crows about, singing there song, bringing in the new energy with spiritual joy and wisdom. Take time to meditate with others or on your own, and enjoy the manifestation of the shift that is about to happen. Embrace spring and find new ways you can connect to community, perhaps volunteer your services, or do kind deeds for those less fortunate.

Full Crow Moon March 1 2018...

Take some time outdoors, find a place where you can connect, maybe a park close by, with a lawn chair and space to breathe in natures beauty.   If that is not available to you due to family obligations, then perhaps your own backyard or balcony.

Full Crow Moon March 1 2018...

Here, you can create with your thoughts, and pen to paper is always great, journal time is perfect at full moon, Let go of what you what to leave emotionally, and perhaps physical changes you desire as well, and embrace new ways to create more light on your path.

Full Crow Moon March 1 2018...

P.s. Coming us Tuesday March 20, 2018 will be the vernal equinox.

Karen Egoff

Reiki master, Reiki training, Yoga teacher and Cranial sacral body therapist.