From the Farm to your Table

From the Farm to your Table

5 Reasons Why Eating Local Should be More than a Trend

We’ve all experienced it; that moment when we bite into the precisely ripe strawberry and feel its flavour take over our taste buds. Maybe you’ve just purchased some Ontario strawberries from a roadside stand or maybe you’ve picked them fresh, either way you know what a strawberry should taste like: the experience of a succulent taste, the aroma emanated and scent leaving us wanting more. Encouraged by the article you just read about the many benefits of strawberries: richness of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals you decide the health benefits are astounding! You stop at the grocery store and… decide to settle for the imported strawberries. Instantaneously, just from picking the container up, you know something is missing. The strong scent you would otherwise delight in is missing, the appearance is marked by a partial pallor, and the taste is not even close to what you remembered. So, why settle? Why purchase produce from far away when you can get something glorious, right from your backyard?

Here are 5 reasons why choosing local means choosing healthy:

1. Support local economy and local farmers

When we buy local we are helping our local farmers: keeping the money not only in our country but in our local communities. Buying local is like giving back to our community.

2. Have high nutrient food

Produce that is ripe when picked has the optimal level of nutrients. The value of eating fruits and vegetables is getting the multitude of benefits from them, this can only be achieved when we consume them nice and ripe shortly after being picked.

3. Take on your next health steps through food

It is well known that fruits and vegetables have an abundance of vitamins and minerals and with that, many health advantages due to their properties. We can get the best of these advantages when we eat local, produce is ripe when picked, maximizing its health advantage superpowers. Just by introducing more local fruits and vegetables in our diet we are helping our bodies be the best for us! Help your body by eating naturally grown, fresh and local!

4. Seasonal food is less pricey: farmers have it and they want to share

Buying local foods means that the cost of transportation is significantly lower than the foods from supermarkets. The less distance travelled, the lower the price.

5. No treacherous trips allowing the produce to lose its nutrient value or freshness

Studies have shown that a plate of food has travelled an average of 1500 miles to reach your dinner table. This vast distance travelled not only has a negative impact on the environment by the burning of fossil fuels but also means your food isn’t as fresh as you’d like to believe. In order to have just ripened produce in your supermarket, produce must be picked while still unripe, this means that it ripens along the way. The most benefits are provided when fruit has ripened, produce that’s travelled an extensive distance lacks some of those amazing health benefits we desire.

We want to bridge the connection between the farmer and you. We want you to stop settling when we can help ourselves and others. We want you to taste the difference, at your doorstep. Take the step to better taste and better health: Order now at

A young woman on a mission to make your life healthier and tastier! Having just finished her first year in the Honours Kinesiology program at the University of Waterloo, Irina thought of a creative way to apply the many things she's learned in her first year of studies. Learning about the human body and health in a holistic approach was one of her many sources of inspiration for this business. In addition, seeing the impact of having a small family garden and the freshness of naturally grown produce has driven her to share this with your family as well!

From the Farm to your Table