February is time for love

February is time for love

February....wow,here it is!

February....wow,here it is! The month where we talk about the heart chakra. The stores are featuring the latest gifts that your sweetheart can buy you. The chocolatiere has many heart shapes cut out into fancy reds...and pinks to draw you into the store.

If you have someone special in your life, cherish them. If you have friends, or family that you are close too, cherish them as well.

For Valentines day, I have felt all the emotions, depending on where I was relationship wise. Over the years, I have come to a conclusion: It is not about the stuff you are given or not given on this special day.

It is about the relationship you have with yourself. Learning to love who you are has a big impact on how other's actions and gifts, affect you. I do like flowers, and enjoy pink and reds this time of year, all types of flowers, brighten up this usually white and bright month ahead. (Hint, hint)

If no one is going to buy something, simply and nurturing for you, then buy that bouquet of flowers, or a little treat that you would love to receive as a gift. As we replace old thoughts about Valentine's days from past years, to appreciating you. You have made it here, to this newsletter. You have.decided to make positive choices, more and more in your daily life. As you move towards self respect and embrace the joy and love that you are, take a breathe, that's it nice and slow. Slowly exhale, repeat 3 x's ...give yourself permission to slow down, for a few minutes. Take a walk outdoors or in a track at the gym. As you take time to appreciate, and balance you, the rest of the world seems to go with the flow more. ever noticed this?

Wishing you all a wonderful warm-heartfelt joyful month.


Karen Egof

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