Distilled Water: Should You Drink It or Not?

Distilled Water:  Should You Drink It or Not?

Debunking the myths and misinformation about drinking distilled water.

In recent times, has any topic in health elicited more controversy than water? There are many diverse opinions on this important subject. Since our bodies are made of approximately 72% water, I think we all need to do our due diligence and acquire as much knowledge as we can. Here is another perspective you may not have considered before which helps to debunk the myths most of us have heard about distilled water.

Have you ever been told that you should never drink distilled water because:

  • It’s acidic.
  • It’s devoid of minerals our bodies require.
  • It leaches out minerals from our bodies.
Distilled water myth vs fact

Distilled Water: Myth vs. Fact


Let’s take a look at some facts about minerals:

  • Minerals found in soil and water are naturally inorganic.
  • Minerals in plants and animals are organic.
  • Only plants are capable of transforming inorganic minerals into organic minerals.
  • In order to ingest organic minerals, animals must consume plants or plant-consuming animals.
  • Inorganic minerals are actually harmful to animals and humans.

How many of you have a reverse osmosis system at home and since most of the minerals are removed, you feel you need to add them back in? If you do, you need to know that these minerals cannot be utilized by the body in their inorganic form and as a result actually get stored in your tissues and joints.

Here is an excerpt from Aquarius The Water Bearer on the damage these inorganic minerals can cause:

These inorganic mineral deposits lead to kidney and gallstone formation, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, heart trouble, ossification of the brain and other serious diseases. The unexpelled mineral matter from mineral-containing waters combines with cholesterol to form plaques. These plaques lead to cardiovascular problems, and they join with uric acid to cause arthritic and rheumatic complaints.

How does drinking distilled water relate to this discussion you may ask? Well, here’s a bit of chemistry. Distilled water produces a negative ion charge inside the body which is alkalizing. All pathogens and inorganic minerals found in the body have a positive charge. Distilled water, with its negative charge, binds to the positively charged acidic waste and flushes them in the elimination channels of the body. As Dr. Varah Siedlecki points out, “… even though distilled water tests slightly acidic, because of its negative charge, A MORE ALKALINE INTERNAL SYSTEMIC ENVIRONMENT IS CREATED WHEN DISTILLED WATER IS CONSUMED.”

In order to add organic minerals back into distilled water, a squeeze of lemon will apparently do the trick.

Distilled Water Lemon

Lemon Water

We are just skimming the surface of this complex discussion. My goal was to make you aware that what you’ve been told about distilled water may not have been as crystal clear as you had thought.

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