Christmas is the Joy of Giving

 Christmas is the Joy of Giving

Christmas It is all about family to me.

Every year, Christmas comes around, quicker then the year before, have you noticed this too?

When I was a young child, I would wake up and open my stocking

in the middle of the night, that Santa had left on my door to my room.

I tore through the gifts, put them back into the stocking, opened &

went back to sleep.

That was the 1st highlight of the day. The 2nd one was the gifts under the tree, and 3rd meal was always good is was cooked by my Mom, or held at my Grandma's home or my Aunt Ella's. We were blessed with amazing cooks in the family.

Now today, I look forward to having my daughter with me on Christmas day.

Every year, she has been with me on this special day. Last night she called me to say I will be at Dad's this year, for Christmas.

Oh, really? Oh Okay.

We will have her over in the morning, to open her stocking.

My 1st husband and I had a agreement when we were separated, and later divorced. I would have her with me every Christmas from 1pm on, and she would be at her Dad's for Christmas eve. This was a good arrangement. The inner voice in me was never content with it all. I never stopped missing her the night before Christmas. It always felt lonely in my heart, until she showed up at my door…Christmas day.  One tradition we kept when she was young, was to enjoy a hot chocolate after we went to the Christmas parade. Oh, to see the smile as she waved to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus on there seasonal garnished  Christmas float!

Now my daughter is grown up, has her own home, and a wonderful partner at her side. We learn to let go, and move on.

How many of us had to let go, of certain parts of the holiday due to a separation?

It is one of the most difficult times of year, when you don't have your child with you. I have learned to be flexible, and it got easier every year. Christmas eve day became the day we finished the last of the wrapping, and stockings were stuffed full! Holiday seasons change, are different every year, I believe we grow as individuals, as we allow change. Letting go, and then find some interesting events to attend, watching the social calendar in our home town.

It does not matter how young or old our children are, they are always so precious in our hearts. I am in gratitude for the great Christmas memories I have of my daughter and know there are many that don't have as much in gifts or food at this special time of year.

Now we give to the food bank, each year, as a tradition of helping others less fortunate. Giving is the spirit of the season.

May you Find joy in the season of Christmas.         Karen Egoff

 Christmas is the Joy of Giving Christmas time, in the city!

Joy of Christmas, is in giving and enjoying family time.