Benefit From Taking Time for Exercise and Yoga

Benefit From Taking Time for  Exercise and Yoga

Do you take time to relax, and find inner peace? Are you always taking care of others, and you are last on the list?

Many adults, find they are stressed in today's busy days, in the western world.

Do you know that  American studies show that 80% of illness is caused from stress.

If we take the time, to walk 3 x' s a week, with a friend, or on your own, when  there is daylight if you can. This allows  us to get some sun! When you see the sun shining....grab your coat and get outdoors! The sun assists us with vitamin D, yes our body will take the benefits of vitamin D from the sun, then it will metabolize this with our calcium intake. It makes good sense. This will bring more inner harmony for your body, and oh yes,  the sun just feels so good!

Benefit From Taking Time for  Exercise and Yoga

Sunshine,gives us Vitamin D and so much more!

We become happier when our body is moving and stretching. I am a advocate of Yoga, as a teacher for 26 yrs. Taking time to learn by reading a yoga book, watching a you tube video, and coming out to a class that can assist you, in connecting body, mind and soul. It brings a sense of well being, and brings in grace, beauty, and self esteem, as you reach new goals, by attending weekly classes, or making a schedule that works for you.

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Yoga for Your Health

Once you find a class or home routine, check in with yourself after your yoga practice.

When the weather in your area of the world, is good. Take time to get fresh air, early in the morning is a great time to start your day, the health and wellness way. If this is not available to you, a hour before a meal, or at least a hour after a light meal, works well.

If you have a group of ladies looking for some instruction, so you can find a regular routine...let us know. We can teach a group of 3 or 4 in our home studio.

So many of us only have time once a month to commit to a classes, then practice together or on your own. Getting ideas from a yoga instructor really helps, and finding the correct body alignment. Using yoga bricks, to assist with your practice.

Once you find your groove in a regular weekly routine, or daily, even 10 minutes some days, and 30-60 min other days, will assist your body, in finding inner peace, joy and strength.

Many students are surprised at how much stronger they feel when they continue a regular regime of yoga.

There are many types of yoga. My style is Hatha, balancing yin and yang, sun and moon or heat and cool of your body.

We all need some form of inner peace, and joy, Taking time for your new regime, will make a change in your life.

Find the time, schedule in ...your yoga or exercise time, perhaps add in a 20 minute walk around the block, when you need fresh air to get your mojo going. In the winter we do need the fresh air, and sunshine to assist with energy, and vitamin D from the sun. Our body will metabolizes vitamin D from the sunshine, and this winter in South Western Ontario, we can use all the sunshine we can.

May you find joy of yoga and self awareness, be a benevolent experience for you. If you have a hard time getting to the floor doing yoga, due to stiffness in body, try Chair yoga. I can teach you basic moves from the chair, that is surprising for many students, how much you can accomplish from a chair. Then you can hold the back of the chair, and do lunges, by having support.

So many forms and ways you can enjoy, benefits for all fitness levels. Yoga time, is a healthy and joyful time for all who are ready, to move one step forward, into better well being. You are worth it!

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