Be “Present” During the Holidays

Be “Present” During the Holidays

Everyday actions you can complete to be present in your life (and in the lives of your family) during the holidays and beyond.

Traffic is backed up. So are the lines at the drive through. You are running late and the last thing you need is a slow driver in front of you or your child to forget to grab something inside the house.

Sound familiar?

These are examples of the activities and actions that many of us, parents, are performing on a daily basis. The desire to be and do everything for everyone else, to cram our schedules full of activities has many of us wanting to hit the horn in our cars.

Instead of gesturing with hand signals, take your hand and place it over your stomach and BREATHE! Feel your stomach expand as you draw in a deep breath. Feel your hand move closer to you as you exhale.

Now … what was fogging up your mind again? What thoughts, actions or behaviors were driving your reactions?


It is amazing how one single act, that we complete automatically without conscious thought, can be so powerful when we pay conscious attention to it.

Breathing, and being aware of it, help one to take note and capture the thoughts running through our heads. It also provides us with the gift of time, even micro-seconds, to become present and aware of ourselves in this exact moment. Aware of our thoughts (are the positive or negative?), our feelings (are you happy or sad?), and our placement in the situation we find ourselves in (why did we pull into the drive through again?).

Be “Present” During the Holidays

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Breathing provides us with the gift of being present in any moment that we find ourselves in. It is amazing how quickly our mind and heart can analyze who we are and what we are doing at any time. Becoming aware of the stories we are telling ourselves (or others), and how we are reacting (versus responding) to situations is a commanding way to gain control over our thoughts and actions.

Breathing provides us with focus. Time to reign in our emotions. To understand why we are feeling a particular emotion. To control not only the thoughts we are directing at ourselves, but others.

Especially during the holiday season where busy schedules and life are made all that more busy. Additional activities, events, purchasing and spending not just time on others quickly adds up.

This holiday season, and everyday moving forward, give yourself the gift of presence. Presence in your life means you are more present in the lives of others.

Be “Present” During the Holidays

When in the drive-through waiting, close your eyes and breathe. Don’t worry. The person behind you will let you know when it is time to move forward.

Breathing and being present can mean the difference between smiling or scowling. Telling yourself you look beautiful in your new holiday dress or that you should have lost a few more pounds. Giving a hug or walking away. Shedding a tear or shredding someone else down. Being in the presence of allowing others to give you love and support or being in a state of resisting any help.

When life has you in the fast lane, remember that you have control over how you are being present in it.

Take a deep breath (or 2 or 3).

Become aware of your physical, mental and spiritual presence. What would you like your outcomes to be?

Be “Present” During the Holidays

Being present and aware allows you to connect with the outcomes that you want.

You are a gift to others.

Give yourself the gift that will have you present in your own life, and those that you cherish.

Awaken. Empower. Master.

Be “Present” During the Holidays


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