Are You Ready for Change?

Are You Ready for Change?

At MySoulbalance, we definitely embrace change, and are excited to know that spring is so close!

March is here, I am always so excited to see this month arrive.

After a up and down fairly gentle winter, it still seems like a long time since we were able to wear shorts, sit on our deck and have a meal, walk in the park or ride our bikes without our parkas on!

We Canadians are strong and resolute. We get through it all. For some of us, we take a break and go south to find some sunshine, warmth and a break from winter's grip.

I suggest to those of you who feel the loss of not much sunshine, to invest in light bulbs that are rated for full spectrum or sunshine light bulbs. They do cost more but I think they are worth it. Do look up information on line or visit a local store and make the change to sunny indoors all winter long!

Are You Ready for Change?

A couple of days ago as I was working in our Treatment room, the energy both inside and out was amazing. I had my window open to allow the sounds of nature in. I found the conversations of the backyard crows, and sparrows chirping so soothing to my soul.

Did you know that science has discovered that by listening to birds chirping, it really does bring in relaxation to our mind and soul? Check it out - when you need a break, listen to nature, and take 5 minutes from your day to be in the now and breathe!

Are You Ready for Change?

We have spring classes coming in with Reiki two March 5th, and May 7th For Reiki one. I am so excited - I love teaching and watching transformations for each student. It is a blessing to be a part of it. I really am in gratitude.

Our Reiki one course is on May 7th 2017. We have limited space open.

Are You Ready for Change?

I am in my 2nd course now, with my Nutritional studies. It is fascinating what our bodies are made of and what they are capable of. I am mindful to think before I eat something that may not be in my best interest although that doesn't always stop me. I am learning to be more conscious of my choices, and adding back things like quinoa, and more colorful fresh produce into my diet. As much as I can, I am buying local.

Good Whole Food, enriches our bodies.

Are You Ready for Change?

Finding time to prepare wholesome meals, and finding a balance between work, studies, and family time is a quest for many of us with part time studies. I found I have a schedule that is now working. It does involve me staying up to midnight some nights when I am able to sleep in a bit the following day. Find a schedule that works for you and involve others in the home as they will feel a part of, instead of being pushed away. If you live alone, still, making a schedule of goals and weekly things that need to be done is a good idea.

When we listen to what our mind, spirit and body needs, we are much further ahead. Take time for a walk, a massage or Reiki. Plan things to lift you, daily, weekly and monthly. You deserve this.

Are You Ready for Change?

Enjoy the beginning of the warmer weather, coming in slowly, with ups and downs, that Canadians know so well! Enjoy this wonderful season of change! Make a commitment to learning by taking a class, or reading a book you have been wanting to read.

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