4 Steps to Analyze Past Results for Future Success

4 Steps to Analyze Past Results for Future Success

Tell stories of success in 2017 by understanding WHY past results were missed and create actions as to HOW you will change your results.

Creating goals, resolutions or for me ... stories ... that we want to achieve by the end of the year is a long-standing New Year's tradition.

In my past corporate life, each new year brought with it the annual performance discussion and goal setting.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned from my first full year in business, and am adapting my method for setting my 2017 goals.  As I am solely responsible for my own results, when I set new goals ... or success stories that I want to be able to tell ... I want to go beyond setting bigger targets and metrics.  I want to understand WHY I missed opportunities in 2016.

What to learn more?  I'm sharing more of my story here.

4 Steps to Analyze Past Results for Future Success


If the underlying cause that created missed opportunities is not identified and subsequently changed, then I am doing nothing to change the behaviors or themes that prevented me from achieving the result in the first place.

The same behavior will be repeated, which equates to the same results being repeated.

A continual, uphill battle and struggle to achieve results.

How do you get down to the granular details as to WHY you were unsuccessful at achieving what you wanted in 2016?

By digging deep, to identify a root cause.

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4 Steps to Analyze Past Results for Future Success


Wishing you much abundance and prosperity in 2017.

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