4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program

4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program

A coaching program should compliment your current lifestyle, not complicate it.

With personal coaching growing to be a $1 billion industry  there is a coach, life stylist, even a Catalyst like myself, ready to help others create the lives, and results, that they want.

4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program

Coaching programs are becoming an increasing popular approach for women.

They offer a safe, judgement-free environment to help them reflect on, and assess their presence and results within their own lives.

Feeling like their health, wealth, or self (or a combination of them) are lacking the focus or growth that they want. Even analyzing themselves to identify what exactly it is that they are missing or want in their lives.

These are big questions that can be overwhelming if you are searching for solutions all by yourself.

With what seems like endless options or Coaches (or whatever title we give ourselves), where do you start?
How exactly do you find solutions to problems that you do not even have clarity on?

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Personal coaching was what helped me to dramatically change my life and my results. I am physical proof that coaching can help you re-discover your life passions and purpose.

Coaching can be the tool that helps you to nurture and grow the strength, confidence and courage you need to take action on achieving your dreams (once your Coach helps you to figure out what they are).

I have been on both sides of coaching programs; learner and provider. Even as a Catalyst, I need to continuously hone and develop my knowledge and skills. My ability to best serve and provide value to my clients is dependent on my ability to always challenge myself to grow. I also would not be walking the walk, if I was not putting into practice what I am asking my clients to do.

4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program

I have learned a lot about what works for me when it comes to coaching programs. I also field a lot of questions regarding if one of my programs is a fit for a potential client. The results you achieve from personal coaching are highly dependent on two factors:

  • Learning about yourself and,
  • Learning about the type of Coach, and program that will work best for you.

There are four factors that can help you in your decision to choose a Coach or program that is the best fit for you, your current lifestyle, and the end results that you want:


Understand what your time commitment is. Be honest with what time you can extract from your day-to-day activities to focus on your own self-discovery. You need to find a program that fits into your current lifestyle, or with the least amount of adjustment needed. The less the adjustment, the easier it is to fit in something new without feeling overwhelmed.

4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program


No two learners are alike, but there are common learning styles. Knowing HOW you learn can help to increase your potential for learning and applying the program material. The ability to apply the material has a direct impact on your ability to achieve the results you want. Learning style includes if you prefer to learn by watching videos, reading a lot of text, or completing exercises. If you prefer to learn by reading first then putting into practice, a program with text and reflection questions/exercises might best suit your needs:

  • Prefer to learn by listening to the stories of others? Search for a group program or some type of group element included. Need to listen first to material then go back and take notes? An online option or a program with access to recordings are options to look for.
  • Need to listen first to material then go back and take notes? An online option or a program with access to recordings are options to look for.


The reality of coaching programs is that results will not be seen if you are not putting in the time or the work. Your results are not dependant on your Coach’s follow-up. Your results are a direct reflection of the work that you have put into moving forward towards your goals. It’s simple: no work, no results. Scattered commitment to taking action on recommendations or suggestions by your Coach will result in inconsistent results. It is not your Coach’s job to hold you accountable; that is your job.

Personal development is going to stretch your current capabilities. It is about breaking old habits that have not been helping you, some habits you did not even realize you have. It is about establishing new habits or routine that initially feel alien or foreign.

Breaking habits and establishing new ones can be difficult. It will take practice. It will take time. It can be frustrating as you awaken to the stories that you have been believing, and realize that they have been holding you back.

A Coach can help to guide you on how to leap over (or break through) that wall, but only you can actually follow-through with the action to remove barriers and expand yourself. Having a clear “why” as to your reason for entering a coaching program in the beginning can help you to stay focused and move through these emotions more easily and quickly.

4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program


Your ‘why’ is the emotional reason behind your desire to enroll in a coaching program. It is important to have a crystal-clear understanding of your ‘why’ as you will need it to motivate you when you feel stretched or fear wants to hold you back.

With the internet, there is an unlimited supply of Coaches and programs. No two people or programs are alike. Knowing your ‘why’ can help you to create specific needs and outcomes that you have. Your ‘why’ can also help to decipher if what you need is a 1-time program for a specific knowledge, skill or behavior, of something that is blended such as a program that also includes a service. Example: if you have a story in you that you want to publish in a book, you might need to search for a Coach that offering a writing program + publishing services.

Your ‘why’ becomes your compass. Use it to as an emotional factor behind selecting a Coach or program. Do they have a similar experience or proven results that align to your emotional reason for change?


Remember that personal development is continuous. It is not a race. Misguidance or mis-steps can cause you to miss key concepts and delay (or void) your ability to reach your goals. Most Coaches offer a variety of programs, flexible to not just your budget, but learning needs, time, accessibility and commitment level.

Especially if this is your first introduction to personal coaching, select a Coach and program that aligns to what you feel comfortable with. Upselling programs or packages for top dollar should not be the intention of a Coach who has your best intentions in mind.

You deserve to see, feel and be a reflection of the results, and life, that you want. Coaching can help you achieve all of this, if you select a person and program that aligns with both the life you have now and the one that you want.

Awaken. Empower. Master.


4 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Coaching Program

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