3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

An awakening journey is unique to each woman. Learn more about what it is and how you may realize you are on one.

An awakening journey is incredibly personal.  It is one whereby it starts when, as a woman, you begin to wake up to the realization that you have more potential than what you previously realized.  You start to wonder what "could be" and "What if".  You begin to reflect on if there is more that you can be doing to BE the person you have a desire to be.

My awakening journey started around my 40th birthday.  Yes, I am the urban myth ... a woman who at 40 made an illogical decision in her life.

My decision?

To choose me and discover who I am and what I want in life.  Not what my parents, spouse, kids, employer or friends wanted.  Or I thought they needed.

It was time to put me first on the priority list.

As I reflect back on my journey, and it continues to expand every day, I can identify certain attributes that I can now see, that signaled I was ready to begin a journey.  A new journey awakening to who I am, and what my infinite potential is.

Are you poised for your own awakening journey?  Feel like you might be on one?

1 You are Feeling Restless

It may be the itch for a promotion, or a sudden career change in a field completely different than what you are doing now.  It may feel like a 'nesting' like you need to prepare for something, but you don't know what.

The restlessness does not go away.  The more you ignore it, the more it seems to find you.  You are unsure as to its source or how to make it go away.  Trying something new, doing an activity a little differently, thinking outside of the box seems to help.  Being creative (music, writing, playing with your kids) seems to satisfy the feeling.


3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

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2 You have a Knowing that there is a Bigger Purpose for You

It is expands beyond having a feeling that you can do more.  An awakening journey is about waking up to that knowing that you can do more, even if you do not think you have a broad skill set.  "HOW" you can achieve a bigger purpose does not matter.  Knowing "WHAT" you can achieve is what inspires you and gets you excited and feeling empowered.

3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

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3 You are Curious About Self-Development

You are ready to go "back to school" of sorts.  This time, you want to study yourself and learn about how to un-tap your potential.  You are not sure how to start your self-development journey, or may be fearful as to what is entailed, or what others may think.  You are curious about the possibilities that can be if you shift your mindset around what you can and can't do.  You are hesitant to reflect on who you are ... what if you don't like what you learn about yourself?

3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

your awakening journey is as unique as you are

Regardless of what was the catalyst to your awakening journey (you may not realize it for a long time), if you chose to start reflecting on who you are or what your potential is, you will need help.  You do not attend college or university and get a degree without being taught by an expert.  Learning about, and exploring your potential, is similar.  You can begin the journey by yourself, but at some point ~ as early as possible is recommended ~ you will need to connect with an expert.

Having a guide (e.g. coach, practitioner, therapist, mentor) be beside you, pointing out the gorgeous scenery you might have missed, or help you remove roadblocks in your way, is an effective way to ensure that your journey continues to move forward and you continue to discover potential that you never realized you had.

Are you already on your awakening journey?

Awaken. Empower. Master.


3 Signs For Women that You May be on an Awakening Journey

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