My $375 Lunch!

My $375 Lunch!

How I came to be in Let's Go Ladies!

My $375 Lunch

It was a lovely afternoon. I was tired after my five hour shift in the fast food restaurant, I work there to insure some of my bills get paid, It can be tough being a small business owner, but I love what I do, so I will not give up. It is this stubbornness and determination, in that order, that keeps me going. Oh and the belief and support of people I have in my life.

I had arrived early, so I found a booth and sat with a cup of tea and relaxed. I was looking forward to having lunch with a friend. I had told my children that I was having a Networking Lunch, but I really didn’t feel that was the intention of our meeting. Just friends catching up. You see, life had taken a step to the forefront, I had not been attending my networking meetings, I had not been following the things I learned from “Get Clients Now”, I hadn’t been doing my do things. And I knew it. It was time to get back on track and the momentum had began to flow, even prior to this lunch date.

My friend arrived and we were both hungry, so we ordered, ate and chatted. Getting caught up as much as we could, in the short time we had. My friend advised me that lunch was on her, because she owed me money due to a change in cost of an upcoming event she was hosting and that I had already paid for. All right I thought! A free lunch! I thought, Nope, at that lunch I handed her a cheque for $375!

You see, she shared with me an idea of hers that has come to fruition. I just love it when dreams come true! And I believe her dream will make my dream and the dream of 100’s or 1000’s more come true also. I believe in her because she believes in me. Janet believes in many and loves to share her knowledge with others to help them grow in their business. I have never seen her judge or say, “That's a bad idea, it will never fly!” Even if she thinks it. lol. She will work with you and share ideas to help you get off the ground. It is my belief in her for her belief in me, that I agreed to sign on to her idea.

Welcome to “Let’s Go Ladies” and “Let’s Go Guys”

I feel this will be a platform for me to learn and share. One of my “I can’t do this!” fears was around the writing of articles. I am a talker, not writer, well, so I thought. When I have a desire and passion, deep enough, I will embrace that challenge and run with it. This is truly to the thanks of people like Janet, who believe in me enough until I believe in myself.

So what I wish to share, learn and get from this magazine is ideas, stories, how to’s from the experts. Now there is a belief that I personally struggle with. “I am no expert, so what can I share?” I know that my articles will be read by many, so I plan on writing to include all! Even if they are not my “target” audience or clients. I know I can’t provide service to everyone, but my passion is about building people up. And who knows, that person who isn’t in my target now, may be, once they believe in themselves enough to step into their own personal power!

I look forward to reading from others to learn and grow, or, just something interesting to lighten the day! Together we can make this work! Let’s Go!

Annette Parker, RRPr


My $375 Lunch!