Life Is Pain

Life Is Pain

This is an article about how life is full of pain and loss but we learn and grow through this.

Life is pain. We suffer from loss, we suffer from illness, we suffer from age and we die. None of us escape any of this. In accepting the uncertainty, the challenge and the impermanence of everything it is possible to gain a new appreciation of our lives.

I am reading a book titled "Choose To Be Happy" which is a Buddhist take on happiness. The author begins talking about how life is pain and suffering and how that is actually not a bad thing. It is also moments of joy and of ecstasy as well, but it is through the acceptance of suffering, which is universal, that our life gains meaning, not because we want to be in pain but because it is the thing that helps make meaningful, rich and full through pushing us outside our comfort zone and allowing us to grow.

I know that life is pain because I have been going through some very emotionally painful things over this past year which are in and by themselves difficult enough but when you add to them a lifetime of painful experiences coupled with being a person who is just different enough from cultural norms - is pain. But the beauty of it is that I can see that very clearly and it is comforting because I can rise above that pain and find growth and joy and happiness.

I am the awareness and I am able to view this from a higher perspective that accepts that I will be challenged at the boots on the ground level, we all are. I can see the human drama with all its difficulty and yet with the right point of view I can also see its potential and its beauty. If I am willing to accept that life is pain I can remove the constraints that hold me back, the fear of that pain and I can experience the pleasure and happiness and contentment that a life without fear can bring.

I realize now, though I was unaware of this at the time, that when I made the decision to follow my transgender heart, even though I knew the challenges I would face, I trusted that the fulfillment and the joy that I would find would far outweigh any pain that I experienced. It was and still is worth it to be able to be the truest expression of myself. If I gave in to the fear I would never have known the joy and bliss and happiness that decision would bring. This is how life works, we do things outside of our comfort zone, these things have consequences, we suffer, we grow and we gain happiness from it all.

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Reading this book (which kept me painfully up late last night but joyously engaged) has opened my eyes in a wonderful new way. Life is impermanent and life is pain and I am okay with that.

Love to all,