Barter: Increased profits, loyal customers and a competitive edge!

Barter: Increased profits, loyal customers and a competitive edge!

The benefits of using a barter exchange or marketplace. How barter can grow sales, improve cash flow and provide a 0% interest line of credit.

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Bartering - Something You Probably Haven’t Done Since School

In your life you’ve probably done a fair bit of serious bartering. Marbles, Conkers, football cards or maybe even the odd Barbie doll.

But let’s be honest, you haven’t really considered barter as a serious option since you put away childish things.

But, even though you may have lost all your marbles in the intervening years, bartering still represents a sane, sensible, practical and profitable way to do business.

Here’s how Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada can help you.

In today's economic climate, it's rare for a company to have too much cash. In fact, most companies have unsold surplus stock or spare capacity. And though there are always items a business needs to buy disappointing sales can mean a shortage of cash, that's where bartering can be most valuable.

For example, a business with a strong, stock-based, balance sheet but weak cash-flow can trade its way out of trouble. Or, a hotel can gain something of real value to the business by bartering rooms that would otherwise remain unsold, empty and worthless.

So, by working with Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada, your company could achieve close to the full market value of your unsold surplus stock and spare capacity and gain a real benefit from your downtime: making extra sales, acquiring items your business needs and preserving cash.

The benefits of a trade exchange are threefold.

• First, you make extra sales.

• Second, your business acquires valuable goods and services; items for which you would normally pay cash and,

• Thirdly, you keep cash in the bank and improve cash-flow.

And that's good business.

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O% Interest Free Finance

Believe it or not, a trade exchange offers you an opportunity for interest-free credit. As a member of Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada (subject to terms and conditions) you can purchase goods or services you need in advance and make your repayments at a later date - not in cash - but by making new sales to other members of Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada.

So, the next time you are in front of your bank manager discussing a possible credit facility tell him you want the following:

• no interest charges

• no set monthly payments

• no set repayment term

• the bank to help bring you sales so you can repay

• the total cost of the repayments to be less than you borrowed

The banks that used to say yes will say no!

As unbelievable as it sounds Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada will say yes (subject to status and product offered as security)

It’s a simple system

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New Customers

When buying and selling through Capacity Trade Exchange of Canada there are no middle men, you negotiate directly with the selling or buying company. You negotiate the price, warranties, quantities, delivery and any other conditions relevant to the transaction, same rules as cash business.

All you need you need to benefit is an open mind and a good business head, and while trading through our marketplace can’t completely replace cash, it does allow the forward thinking business person to capitalise on opportunities.

After all is it not good business sense to get some value for your goods and services that remain unsold before they become worthless!

All purchasing, sales, accounting and our services are delivered through our online trading system GETS Technology, so you can trade with ease and access your account at any time.

So ask yourself

• Could I do more business?

• Do I have unsold goods and services? `

• Do I need to improve my cash flow?

• Am I open to new ways to do business?

If the answer is YES, then get in touch and see what we can do for your business.

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