The Quran For Beginners

The Quran For Beginners

Tajweed (or Tajwid) is an Arabic term that translates as "proficiency".

It is derived from the same root letters as the Arabic verb "Youjid" which means "to master something". Allah commanded us to read the Quran with proficiency and to learn how to recite it correctly.

"and recite the Quran properly in a measured way." (Surah Al-Muzzammil, 73:4)

It is important to try our best to learn Tajweed and be familiar with basic Tajweed rules in order to read the Quran as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. We know it might be hard to start learning Tajweed, so we made a very helpful list of 9 tips, tried and tested, to help beginners to learn Tajweed. Read on to know more!

How To Learn The Quran With Tajweed

Learning Quran with tajweed is not a simple task. It requires time, effort, and professional help from Tajweed tutors. Fortunately, you can learn Quran with Tajweed online with multiple Tajweed lessons suitable for all ages.

The most important aspect of learning Tajweed is persistence. You must have a genuine desire to learn Tajweed, whether it is basic or advanced. Then, in a sincere desire to please Allah, you must stick to what you intended.

Keep in mind that your motives are something you get a reward for. Prophet Muhammad -Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him- once said:

The Quran For Beginners

"Actions are [judged] by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended." [40 Hadith Nawawi]

Both of these aspects are needed in order to say that you can read Quran with Tajweed.

Theoretical Tajweed learning involves discussing each Tajweed rule theoretically without implementing or performing Tajweed recitation of the Quran. While practical Tajweed learning focuses on the phonetic laws of Tajweed and how to correctly read and recite the Quran in Arabic.

Teach It To Others.

Teaching Quran is significant in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

"The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it." [al-Bukhari]

However, teaching Tajweed while you're still learning is beneficial in another way. Following the saying of the Roman philosopher Seneca "While we teach, we learn", the easiest way of learning Tajweed is to try to teach what you learn to someone else.

Once you have reached a level of proficiency in tajweed, you can even consider pursuing an Ijaazah in Recitation!

Related Questions

How Long Does It Take To Learn Basic Tajweed?

It can take you 7 to 9 months to learn the basics of Quran Tajweed. The learning period can be extended if you can't read the Arabic language. Learning to read Arabic from scratch will add an extra 3 months to your learning path.

Do We Have To Learn Tajweed?

Yes, we have to try our best to learn Tajweed at some level in order to read the Quran correctly.