10 Most Overrated Cricketers Of All Time

10 Most Overrated Cricketers Of All Time

There’s no doubt that cricket is a game of popularity. Some players become famous overnight.

Most Overrated Cricketers | All-Time Ranking

Cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world, witnessed several great sportsmen. But, it also witnessed some of the cricketers who are highly overrated. And here goes the complete list.

10. Matthew Wade

Matthew Wade

A thriving domestic player started his international career against South Africa in 2011. At the start, Wade did a great job as an emerging batsman. Mathew Wade plays as a wicketkeeper for the Australia cricket team. Khelchamps fantasy app is here .

But unfortunately, Wade is considered one of the most overrated cricketers who failed to keep the good performances for his team after some time. Wade’s overall performance turns out to be bad till now because of his 25.8 average in 94 ODI matches and 29.9 average in 36 test matches.

Still considered as one of the best wicketkeepers of all time, Wade is highly overrated, according to the cricket fans and coaches alike.

9. Chris Cairns

chris cairns

After breaking the record of Viv Richards’ record for the most sixes hit in the format, Christ was known for his great all-rounder skills. After allegations of match-fixing concerning Cairns surfaced in an ICC investigation, his fortunes took a turn for the worse.

Cairns was allegedly involved in a systematic manipulation of games in the Indian Premium League, where he captained the Chandigarh Lions after being fired by that team. These accusations have been denied by Cairns.

But this misfortune ruined his career, and Cairns was considered one the most overrated cricketers by cricket fans.

8. Yusuf Pathan

yusuf pathan

Pathan started his career in 2001. However, he was amazing with the bat and ball. But things are not really in favor of him because he did not get the chance to prove himself a great player in international cricket.

Pathan’s throughout career has to be seen with full ups and downs. However, the guy showed an excellent performance in the IPL. But unfortunately, Pathan could not maintain to impress the authorities with his performance after some time.

Besides that, the other reason for his popularity is his brother Zaheer Khan which makes him one of the most overrated cricketers in people’s eyes. But yes, he is still considered one of the most dangerous hard hitters in cricket.

7. Denesh Ramdin

Denesh Ramdin

Ramdin has earned his reputation among cricket fans as an outstanding wicketkeeper. However, Denesh Ramdin was far from the cricketer that took West Indies forward with his overall batting performance.

He could not manage to be a multi-talented player who could help the West Indies, and the team management did not find him suitable for the team.

Due to management’s lack of interest Ramdin turns out to be a failure and one of the most overrated cricketers who could not prove themselves to be in the team.

6. Albie Morkel

albie morkel

Johannes Albertus Morkel, known as Albie Morkel, is a former international cricketer from South Africa. He managed to get the attention of selectors with his excellent first-class cricket bowling.

After getting selected for the South African team, Morkel never proved his consistency of being at the right spot. Not performing after getting many chances makes Morkel one of the most overrated cricketers of all time because of his career’s stats.

However, Morkel has the ability to hit the biggest, which he proved in IPL many times. Also, Morkel has a record of striking the longest six in IPL of 125 meters.

5. S. Sreesanth

S. Sreesanth

Shanthakumaran Nair Sreesanth, known as S. Sreesanth, is a former cricketer from India. Sreesanth is a player who gained popularity among cricket fans more than because of his issues with other cricketers and fixing allegations rather than his performance.

After taking part in his cricket career, Sreesanth worked as an actor in the Bollywood industry. And during that time, several of his fans widely dubbed him as one of the greatest multi-talented athletes of all time.

However, the player never gained the reputation to be a great player and is known as one of the most overrated cricketers of their time.

4. Ravi Bopara

ravi bopara

After making his debut in international cricket for England in 2007 against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Bopara was hoped to be a superbly talented all-rounder Cricketer.

The English media hailed him as the next great England batsman, but he never quite lived up to their expectations. It’s a pity he was never quite the bat that many Cricket experts expected.

Bopara was considered one of the most overrated cricketers because of his average of 31.94 in 13 Tests, 30.62 in 120 ODIs, and 28.44 in 38 T20s.

3. Angelo Mathews

angelo mathews

Angelo Davis Mathews, known as Angelo Mathews, is a cricketer and a former captain of the Sri Lanka cricket team. Mathews started his career as an impressive all-rounder who showed everyone his incredible capabilities.

But when Mathews got a high rank in the national team, he failed badly to be there for a long time because of his low-performance stats. However, many of his fans still dubbed him as one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket history.

Besides that, he had to face some criticism by fans because of his overall low performance, and he is considered one of the most overrated cricketers of all time.

2. Umar Akmal

umar akmal

No doubt, Umar Akmal had the potential to be one of the best players of Pakistan in his starting career. But unfortunately, he badly failed to be in a respective place because of his unacceptable behavior and controversies.

Umar has to face many issues throughout his career in terms of injures and violations of rules. PCB currently bans him due to not disclosing the offers related to match-fixing.

As many of his fans do, Umar Akmal also believes he has not been provided much support by his team or the PCB. But yes, many of his fans still consider him as one of the most popular cricketers of all time.

1. Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma

Sharma is a cricketer who represents India in all three formats of cricket. With a fantastic start in his career, Ishant is hoped to be one of the greatest Indian bowlers in cricket history. But things are not turning out to be in favor of him.

After getting many chances to prove himself, Ishant is still struggling to have a great reputation as a bowler. In fact, he is one of the most overrated cricketers who have great stats as a test bowler but still failed to be on a respective image.

His ODIs and T20s stats make him not fit to be in the team in the eyes of most cricket fans. But yes, he is still considered as one of the best fast bowlers India has ever produced.