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Who Are We?

We are a group of passionate marketers, that help ANY business get significantly more exposure online.

Who Are We?

Founder, CEO Klusster Media - Steven Thode

Who Are We?

Steve enjoys long walks off of short docks and helping people get more visibility online. When not working at Klusster, Steve also spends time watching his kids play sports, splashing around up north and listening to stories that come home from his kids at school.

Originally educated in finance, a big fan of SEO, Steve's curiosity of the Internet lead to the development of a collection websites that reached over 30 Million people.

"Prior to Klusster, we realized it was tough to drive people to a website alone. We also loved how so many people around the world had such great content, so we thought it would be great to build Mini eMagazines with some of these great writers"

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Co-Founder, COO Klusster Media - Dan Mance

Who Are We?

Dan enjoys finely tuned musical devices,  crisp sounding audio and riding bikes super fast. Dan has a huge love for LOCAL. Sampling hometown dining, supporting small business, and the entrepreneurial spirit are reasons Dan decided to dive into Klusster fulltime.

An engineer and inventor of ground breaking graphics technology used in the broadcast industry, Dan now spends his time coming up with SEO tools to help people create better content.

Check out Dan's Klusster AudioWise Canada and learn about sounds beyond your wildest imagination.

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Vice President - Community Development - Ryan Snelling

(Bio Coming Soon)

Director of Content Marketing - Ashlynn Whalley

Who Are We?

Ashlynn contemplated a career in law until she realized a love for writing and all things healthy.  Ashlynn comes from a world of soccer fields, boxing and is soon to be addicted to stand-up paddleboards.

You want to know how to build a Klusster, Ashlynn is the one you want to talk to. Most of her time is helping our incredible owner network build strong Klussters.

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Who Are We?

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