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Thanks for being part of TEAM ALERTS

Hi There! You are reading this because you have been added to the TEAM ALERTS for an organization or business you are part of!

Thanks for being part of TEAM ALERTS

What does this mean?

Your company or organization has decided to create an online publication powered by Klusster.  Klusster allows GROUPS of people to get together to help spread the word, instead of ALONE.

In the next few days!

Or you may already have gotten an eMail asking you to confirm you wish to received the team alert.  CLICK the link in that eMail to confirm.

That's It! You are part of the team!

Going Forward

You will get an eMail from Klusster with the subject:

"Your Company Name" Team Alert.

With this eMail, you can personally share content provided to you on your social media and help spread the word!

Cool, How do I do this!

Klusster, team alerts

That's It...Thanks for Being Part of the Team!


I need some help with Team Alerts!

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