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Reach More People Online With A Group Publication

When you build a GROUP PUBLICATION with Klusster, your organization will reach significantly more consumers than you currently can alone.

Reach More People Online With A Group Publication

The Problems

  • You use social media to engage with people, but you are exhausted and are not entirely sure of the ROI.
  • Consumers are inundated with messages from one organization at a time. It's also exhausting. They want to hear from you of course, but it would be much more productive to learn about several organization in a single destination.

We make it easy for business owners to leverage their existing peer networks (You all have them) and combine their collective social audiences to reach significantly more people and deliver messages more efficiently.

Don't you think a bride would want to learn about the planner, the baker, the wedding dress maker in a single destination vs. 3 separate online channels?

The GROUP Publication Solution

  • Reach a larger targeted audience
  • Improve your organic SEO results by up to 300%
  • Reduce reliance on third party solutions (Expensive)
  • Engage with more people looking for you and your peers.
  • Enhance the quality of your own social media with better content.
"Our organic search traffic improved by over 300% as a result of joining a local group publication powered by Klusster. Every local business or marketer should be using this strategy" LB Burlington, Ontario.

Who can use Klusster?


Build a publication for your business and include your entire team

With Klusster, you can create a publication and through combining the strength of your staff, social media professionals and reach more people through a coordinated group distribution effort.


Most businesses/organizations don't work alone in servicing customers, so why are we working alone in communicating to them online?

With Klusster PEER businesses/organizations can build a quality group publication that reaches a collective audience much greater than any one of them can reach on their own.


Help build a publication with/for a group of businesses.

Klusster was designed with the community marketer in mind.

Local businesses are in need of content creation, SEO services and affordable message delivery.  With Klusster, Local Online Marketers can help community business owners develop a complete and strong online presence.


Non profit organizations have the potential to combine the strength of a very effective community.

Volunteers are connected and Klusster makes it easy to connect the messages of a non-profit organization to many more people through the power of a group.


You are already an amazing writer.

You have an audience.  But, it's not quite big enough to generate significant revenue.  By teaming up with other Bloggers, you can create a sponsorable publication.

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