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Klusster Webinar Wednesdays!

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Klusster Webinar Wednesdays!


Klusster Webinar Wednesdays


Every Wednesday at 10am and 2pm

Who Should Attend?

Online Marketers, Business Owners, Non-Profits and Network Managers

What will you learn?

1. What is Klusster?

Klusster is a GROUP publication platform that allows businesses to create two basic types of GROUP publications to reach more people.

a) The Single Organization Team Publication

b) Multi Organization Publication.

2. What Makes The Klusster Platform Different?

Klusster is a completely turnkey publishing platform that incorporates all functions of strong online marketing.

Discover how a group of 25 local businesses (and their marketing pro) formed a publication using Klusster and collectively distributed 170,000 targeted messages using Klusster.

3. Learn Briefly The Features Available To You

a) The Klusster Content Creation Tool

b) The Klusster Publication Manager

c) The Klusster Group Distribution Tracker

d) The Klusster Lead Generation System

e) The Klusster Lead CRM Manager

f) The Klusster Subscription Engine

4) Learn How To Best Form A Klusster!

We are aware that many informal networks exist online right now, but to succeed with Klusster, you need QUALITY content, QUALITY members and QUALITY management.(Online & Content Marketers)

We look forward to meeting you.

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