Klusster for the #digitalmarketer

Klusster for the #digitalmarketer
Published in Klusster Today! | 5 months ago

Want to grow your digital practice? Help more clients by providing greater visibility & improve client organic SEO results by up to 1000%

Klusster enables digital marketers the ability to easily increase ONLINE visibility for their clients.

Why Klusster?

Klusster is a tool that enables digital professionals the ability to build their clients a 1-2 punch of improved SEO and improved direct visibility by adding a Klusster Publication to a content marketing program.

Case Study

How Klusster Might Work For Your Digital Practice?

The Problem:

A salon was getting limited organic search. There were two problems.

  1. The content on their website was basically stuffed on a single page website, so it was difficult for search engines to determine what to drive traffic for. Their content, messages, and links were not being found throughout the internet.
  2. Their content, messages, and backlinks were not being found throughout the internet.

The Solution:

A Klusster SEO Boost Program

  1. First. The digital marketer took the time to improve the content on the website. They researched keywords and found where the best opportunities were to increase organic SEO traffic.
  2. Simultaneously, they build their client a Klusster Powered publication where the staff helped participate in the distribution of content to get more visibility and to impact SEO.
    1. Distributing this content in a "Klusster" caused Google to stand up and take notice.
  3. Each month, the digital marketer uploads NEW content on the website, NEW Content to Google My Business and NEW content in their digital publication powered by Klusster.
  4. With Klusster, each month the staff helps to distribute the Klusster content and distribute valuable content to the community and valuable backlinks.

The Results?

With consistent CREATION OF QUALITY content on Klusster, and CONSISTENT DISTRIBUTION using the Klusster Engine, their ORGANIC SEARCH results grew by roughly 400%.

Not to mention, the Salon has had over 15,000 pieces of content delivered in their digital publication (Powered by the staff and Klusster)

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“Our publication content has had over 15,000 views and our website traffic has tripled. This would have cost $20,000 to buy this traffic & exposure for our industry. To get found in Google local business requires a consistent content distribution program, and these guys made that happen with ease. Every business owner should be using Klusster to Boost Online exposure"                    L.B. Salon Owner

Digital Marketer?

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