CASE STUDY: Klusster for the #digitalmarketer

CASE STUDY: Klusster for the #digitalmarketer
Published in Klusster Today! | about 2 months ago

Klusster helps digital marketers help more clients by providing greater visibility & can improve client organic SEO results by up to 1000%

Before We Begin!

At Klusster we believe in quality content.

We are 99.9% sure that creation of "random" backlink listings (BlackHat SEO), will soon go the way of Keyword Stuffing, if they haven't already.

Klusster enables digital marketers the ability to easily create a QUALITY  publication and therefore quality backlink solution for their clients.

In the age of $80 to place a link, why not create a genuine publication for your clients that has a positive influence on organic search results.

For SEO and content marketers, Klusster has significantly more power for your clients than a standalone blog as we enable up to 20X greater distribution than most businesses achieve currently.

Putting quality content with quality distribution on Klusster works.

Case Study!

The Problem: A salon was getting limited organic search. There were two problems.

  1. The content on their website was basically stuffed on a single page website, so it was difficult for search engines to determine what to drive traffic for. Their content, messages, and links were not being found throughout the internet.
  2. Their content, messages, and links were not being found throughout the internet.

The Solution: A Klusster LOCAL SEO Program

  1. Improve the content on their website.
  2. Develop a Klusster Powered publication where the staff participates in a wider distribution of content/links to improve SEO.
  3. Invite other business owners to build a PEER publication and reach more people together.

The Results: With consistent CREATION OF QUALITY content on Klusster, and CONSISTENT DISTRIBUTION using the Klusster Engine, their ORGANIC SEARCH results grew by roughly 350%.

As the SEO professional additionally improved the website content, their SEO improved even further.

quality, content, deliver

Tired of searching for backlinks?

We understand SEO professionals are trying to put backlinks into QUALITY content.

With Klusster, you can do that on your own.

Create a QUALITY set of content and publication for your client.

Our most successful users?

The businesses that have gained the most organic SEO success on Klusster consistently create content and consistently share this content as they are proud of their work.  - began uploading significant and QUALITY content to Klussster in January 2018.

The Results: Their organic search increase over 500% from 2,000 organic search to over 10,000 and over 25,000 referrals of content in Klusster

CASE STUDY: Klusster for the #digitalmarketer


Why not create a quality RECURRING REVENUE stream vs just hoping for links?

Of course, now that that business has created a pool of content, they may want to leverage that and distribute through a GROUP/PEER publication.

Group Publications

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