Case Study: Klusster for Existing Groups & Networks

Case Study: Klusster for Existing Groups & Networks
Published in Klusster Today! | 20 days ago

Most businesses are part of some sort of network and already work together OFFLINE. Now, it's time to work together online.

Business Network Member?

Klusster is the perfect tool for existing networks that already work together OFFLINE to combine their strengths and explode visibility ONLINE

What is Klusster?

Klusster is a FREE platform that allows a business to create GROUP powered destination (A Klusster) to reach more people.


30 Businesses Working Together


This Is Burlington is a community of local businesses that have built an online publication using Klusster and they consistently work together to distribute the publication to educate MORE community residents.

So far, the group has generated over 100,000+ content referrals.

It's also incredible how those businesses further develop relationships because they get to know their network members through the content they write.


Building a publication with your group, not only provides the network with more traffic, but there is often a direct benefit to the SEO of the businesses that create a Klusster Publication. (See Organic Search Improvement Below)

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When your clients build a Klusster publication, good things happen!

One Hint

When putting together a Klusster Publication, networks might consider enlisting a friendly digital/content marketer to help execute.

The digital world is changing the way businesses need to consistently communicate with customers and with a digital marketer helping with the publication strategy and content execution, the group will greatly benefit.

Content with a strategic plan, focusing on specific Key Words and linking back to foundational website content delivers optimized value.

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