FAQs - Klusster For SEO & Digital Marketers

FAQs - Klusster For SEO & Digital Marketers

Are you an SEO or digital professional?? Add Klusster to your clients' SEO programs and boost their organic results.


1. Can Klusster Help With SEO?

Absolutely, when you create content and upload it to a Klusster Publication, your content is getting validate by a reputable platform.  The higher quality content you create the more powerful the effect on your client's SEO

2. What is the Key To Getting A Strong Boost?

There are several keys.  Let's focus on two.  First, you want your content to be inside a QUALITY Klusster of content.  If your client is a chiropractor, a single piece of content in a publication likely won't provide value. So we suggest creating a minimum of 1-2 pieces of Klusster content per month per client.

Second.  You need to get the SOCIAL SIGNALS out their.  By increasing your clients Klusster publication to multiple social channels, and having that content get more visibility, you increase the signals back to your clients website. The easiest way to increase social signals is to get your clients entire TEAM sharing content through the KLUSSTER TEAM ALERTS.

3. What should I charge for creating content on Klusster?

Content creation is one of the most difficult things to do.  It's also the MOST NEEDED skill to get found in search engines.  When creating content, it's perfectly OK to syndicate your existing content on Klusster.  It's also important to create original content on Klusster to reference your website.  Depending on whether you are syndication an existing content or uploading a brand new piece of content you can charge between $30-$250 USD.  A local business owner should spend between $300-$800 per month on digital content. Larger businesses of course can spend thousands.

4. Should I build a Klusster Publication With A GROUP of Clients?

We have developed two programs that are great for a pool of clients.  It really depends on how content saavy your clients are...

If they are newbies to SEO, we suggest building a publication where you create all the content for them, charge a monthly fee, and get the GROUP to share each others content through TEAM ALERTS.

If your clients get media and the need to participate in external online channels, we have build a publication with Klusster where 25 authors contribute and all share from their own account.

5. Does Klusster Really Help With SEO?

YES!! For every single one of our clients, we utilize Klusster in their SEO programs.  Our notification systems and tracking help businesses realize the need to consistently get content out there. For many of our clients we see a two fold HIT in success. We typically see a 300% improvement in organic search AND our clients usually 10,000+ direct content reads in their publication in less than a year. Much more than they could have gotten with other systems.

For those digital professionals that want to provide quality solutions for their clients. Klusster is a great platform.

Below is the graph of the organic search improvement as a result of the SEO Boost publication powered by Klusster.

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