Look Now! What can Klusster do for you?

Build a clean, ad-free PEER publication with a community of business within weeks that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Look Now!  What can Klusster do for you?

When we developed Klusster, we listened to hundreds of local businesses and local marketers that were tired of working alone online.

They wanted the ability to build a CLEAN, AD-FREE online publication with a group of businesses fast. We have delivered.

Reach More People Online

1) Quality Publishing

  1. Completely AD FREE professional publications - Our users wanted to build their own brands and wanted ads gone. Check.
  2. Quickly create visually appealing content - Embed images, upload YouTube videos and more, every piece of content has to be clean.  Check.
  3. SEO Friendly - Our users wanted to have a guide to make sure their content was SEO friendly. Check.
  4. Easy Engagement - Customers wanted to have some evidence that they made an impression on the readers of their content. Our "Rate This Tool" ensures you get feedback. Check.
  5. Smart Publication Management - Our readers wanted the ability for a MANAGER to make sure content was up to par before it is published in the GROUP BRANDED PUBLICATION
Look Now!  What can Klusster do for you?

2) Coordinated Distribution:

Problem Solved. Anyone can build a blog or website. However, to drive critical amounts of traffic, you need systematic distribution from a COMMUNITY.

Klusster provides your community with easy sharing tools and tracking so that your publication distribution is a TEAM effort.

  1. Distribution reminders - fully Integrated with social media distribution.
  2. Powerful automatic TEAM distribution alerts - engage your staff and social media.
  3. Easily syndicate content to multiple publications for even greater distribution.
  4. Full stats to show the strength of your PEER Group.
  5. Automated Subscription Delivery - No need to remember to send an eMail.  It's included.

3) Affordable Pricing

When you spread a platform over a group, well you pay less.

We want you and your GROUP to be happy.  All of the tools, full suite, FREE for 3 Months.  See how working together can drive 20X more traffic to everyone.

Post Trial Pricing - Pay Only For Content Distribution

<10,000 Monthly Publication Content Views  1.1 cent per page view.

>10,000 Monthly Publication Content Views .9 cents per page view.

**WOW! Average Cost Per Member is only $3-5 Per Month


"The content we publish on Homes Services Hub allows our clients to educate themselves on the electrical industry so they are better equipped to make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor. With the knowledge gained, our clients can feel confident in their choice. Our latest article, detailing what is included in the ESA charge on your Electrical Contractor's invoice, reached a client in Burlington and we are very excited to partner with them on their upcoming electrical project!" Holly Parsons, Verve Electric.
"There is no doubt since I started joined the HEALTHY LIFE network, powered by Klusster, I have noticed a definite improvement in where I stand in google search results. Klusster allows our group to reach 1000s more than we can on our own." Dr. Matt Lindsay, Aligned Chiropractic.
"I found Klusster through a friend Lee and I cannot thank her enough. By participating in the Thrive Collaborative eMagazine, powered by Klusster, I have been commisioned for new teaching engagements in my areas of specialty." Lesley Cressman, A Sacred Journey
With HEALTHY LIFE you are part owner of a network & eMagazine. This network helps generate far more interest through social media than you could on your own. YOUR VIDA has measurably increased my business” Naiomi - Bodhi Bar

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