Enough about me...tell me about you.

Social Media and online communication are still being defined. But we know with absolute certainty, it can't just be about you.

Enough about me...tell me about you.

The Internet of ME

One of the major issues we have observed with the Internet is that more often than not, a business is just talking about ME, ME, ME.

Check out MY FACEBOOK, MY TWITTER, MY WEBSITE.  The problem is this, eventually, when we as humans get the impression that it's just about you, we get turned off!

Real Relationships Are About 2 or More

Social Media is evolving.  Sure.  There are some good 1-way entertaining channels developing, but these days, sadly social is evolving into not that social.


It's so easy to send a message and sure it's easy to have "followers", but the real engagement happens when it works for both parties and that message is heartfelt.

Real business and connection occur when the pain of the consumer intersects with authentic content from the business.

Believe me, consumers can tell the difference.

Are you the kind of person that thinks..

1) I need to get on social media, but I am not sure why?

2) I have to get my $#%^ tweet out.

IF this is you, you are toast.

Here are some suggestions to make social more valuable.

1) Make people laugh.

2) Ask for advice to engage... (At least ask your clients what they want/need) - For example. You could engage in a conversation with another business, to answer a question for your clients.

3) Provide really good information from a PEER. Retweets are kind of lame.

4) Realize that you don't always have the answer.  But, you may know someone that does have the answer.

peer, work, together, not, about, you

The Future Is Working Togther

Humans Still Need Deep Connections

As good online evolves, it has to lead to the building of genuine relationships.  We can't INDIVIDUALLY continue to spit out facts for the sake of spitting out facts. We need to think about what we put forward as representing us. Your online presence is an extension of you.

What's the future of online media?

The future of online lies in creating quality communities.

What if like the Healthy Life Burlington Community you assembled a group that realized that together you can help the consumer better than you can on your own?

Klusster is a GROUP PUBLISHING PLATFORM that allows communities of organizations to band together to build and distribute authentic messages and provide the consumer much more than any single business can on their own.

Next Steps?

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