FAQs - I am a #business owner #digitalmarketer...Can I use Klusster?

FAQs - I am a #business owner #digitalmarketer...Can I use Klusster?
Published in Klusster Help | 7 days ago

Are you a business owner, SEO pro or digital marketer?? Add Klusster to your toolbox and reach more people online.


Hello, business owners, content marketers and SEO professionals!

Do you want your content to get greater distribution?

Klusster is collaborative publishing platform where 30,000+ content partners work together to distribute more QUALITY CONTENT!

Can I publish my content On Klusster?

YES! As long as you upload informative quality content, you can upload unlimited content to your Klusster content portfolio (Or your client's portfolio) to get more exposure online.  What is informative quality content?

1. Can my content (or my client's content) get more distribution?

Once you upload content to your portfolio, it is AUTOMATICALLY available to the entire network.

  • That's right. If your content is good. Our users will distribute your content.
    • With Klusster Boomerang our members curate YOUR content and get a FREE Spotlight on all content they share to their audience.

2. Can I create a GROUP BLOG with my clients on Klusster?

Absolutely. This is a very powerful option.

In addition to a GLOBAL NETWORK to help you with distribution, you might know other like minded businesses that you can partner with to form a content alliance. By creating a GROUP BLOG or "eMagazine", you and your alliance will reach up to 20X more people. And your readers will benefit too.

Many of our users are already part of networks and form GROUP BLOGS and distribute their Klusster content as a community. Here is an example of a group working together to distribute over 200,000+ pieces of content.

Watch this video to learn the power of a GROUP BLOG!

Build your GROUP BLOG with Klusster

What Kind of content does Klusster allow?

Klusster adheres to quality content standards. If you have useful content for readers to consume, Klusster is a great place to syndicate your content. We regularly deactivate content that doesn't meet high standards.

Do you allow sponsored guest links?

Klusster is a content platform. We are all about connecting great content to more consumers.  Check out Our Klusster Boomerang to see how to "sponsor" posts.

How do I get a guest spotlight?

It's really simple.

1. Create an account

2. Create a portfolio of great content!

3. Share ANY content you want to be a guest on.

4. Share it! (Check Out Klusster Boomerang)

Does Klusster have Do-Follow links?

Do-Follow links are becoming extinct.  As Klusster tries to maintain a good relationship with Google and other search engines, all of the links to other websites on our platform are rel=UGC.

This means Google has a look at ANY links from Klusster and decides on the value. If you create quality content, and your content is consumed (shared), your Klusster content can have a positive effect on Google

Does Klusster Help With SEO?

Although Google does not disclose its policy for SEO, we know many of our users get significant traffic from organic search on Klusster and they have seen a boost in traffic to their website while having a strong legitimate portfolio of content on Klusster.  We aim to set high standards for our content so that it can render positive effect on organic search.

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How much does Klusster cost?

Currently Klusster is FREE for life to new users. All users that create accounts and upload QUALITY content will be forever grandfathered as a full users.  Make sure you upload content now, as Klusster will not always be FREE.

Does Klusster have ads?

The only "ads" currently on our platform are member spotlight ads through Klusster Boomerang.  Our users want clean branding on the platform and have no problem paying a small fee to improve their own brand.

Does Klusster support "spammy" content?

No we don't. Please note: we constantly look for poor quality, inappropriate or offensive content and we can remove this type of content along with their owners. All of our content has a quality score which we monitor to keep the platform as useful to potential readers as possible.

How fast is Klusster growing?

Klusster is currently one of the fastest growing content distribution networks online today!  Join us and be part of our network.

How can I sign up??

Get Started HERE!!