FAQs - Klusster Team Alerts

FAQs - Klusster Team Alerts

You want more content distributed online? You want to engage your sales team?? Klusster TEAM ALERTS will accomplish this.



Every organization has TEAM members that can benefit from company content being distributed.  They might be employees, they might be social media pros. They might be your sales team.

  1. Our TEAM ALERTS regularly notify your TEAM MEMBERS that you have uploaded new content to your Klusster Publication.
  2. We are able to track how much content your TEAM members have helped to distribute to see their activity in the last 30 days and over the life of your publication.

What happens to the LEADS generated from content my TEAM is sharing?

Oooh, great question!!  Suppose you had a real estate company and you wanted your agents to share content (A House for sale) from your Klusster powered real estate magazine. **When you create that content, you can choose to assign any LEADS from the built in Klusster CTA forms to go directly to your AGENTS.

Within Klusster, your TEAM members will have their own account.  Any LEADS generated from their social sharing, will go directly into their LEADS Panel.  They will also get notified of their leads via email notification. Oh, and don't worry, you will get a copy of the LEAD too to make sure they follow up.

How Many Team Members Can I have?

We have it set up so that you can easily add up to 25 team members by invite only.  For businesses that want more, please contact us. That's usually enough to get most businesses started.

How Often Do Team Members Get Notified?

Currently regardless of the content in your publication, team members get 2 email notifications to share content from the publications you are associated with each week.  Just keep your content fresh and rolling and your team will keep rolling too.

That's it!

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