3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

We are excited you have decided to join us to improve your online visibility. We wanted to share a few thoughts as to what it takes to be successful online.

A reminder what Klusster Is...


Get Your Group - Form A Klusster Group Publication/Blog

Klusster is a simple concept

It's pretty easy to create a Klusster GROUP powered publication/blog, yes.  With 4 simple steps you can get rolling. Here they are below.

1. ADD content to Klusster

2. ADD this content to a GROUP blog/publication (Or create your own)

3. Get content DISTRIBUTED by a GROUP (Automated Alerts)

4. REACH More People. Grow Your Business!

Simple. Right?

It is simple, as long as you put together a publication with businesses that appreciate the need for consistent message distribution and content creation.

The Facts:

By now you know that the businesses getting found online have likely worked incredibly hard to create content to appeal to search engines and build social media to distribute content.

That hard work has paid off significantly as they get found.

However, businesses that have not consistently created content in multiple places likely have difficulty cracking the top 20 in Google.

There is NO EASY solution to building a business.

We know that millions of businesses 10 years ago hit the ground running with a "brand new website" only to "give up" because the results didn't happen overnight.

And, yes, with life in the way, it is almost impossible to sustain enough content and distribution on your own to make it work. There are NOT enough hours in the day!

It's time to change all that with Klusster

Getting Found Online Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Like it or not, the excuses, barriers, things stopping a business from creating content, no longer are valid reasons for NOT creating content in this day and age.

Competition online is fierce and the businesses that are getting found online are doing so because they are creating content and distributing content. Consistently.

3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The truth is, it doesn't matter whether it is just 2 businesses creating a group blog/publication with Klusster or 20, the key to your GROUP success is consistency where each member of the GROUP helps pull the rope.

It's Time To Deliver More Quality Content

Now that you have a team behind you, you CAN generate more visibility online.

3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

Why not realize the power of a Group Publication/Blog?

The truth of the matter it is very hard for a single business to reach enough people on their own.

They power of a group will always trump the power of a single entity.


3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

It's time to benefit from a strength in numbers!

What type of Klusster publication makes sense for you?

3 - Before You Start Your Klusster - There is something you should know.

There are two basic ways to use Klusster.  You can create a single entity publication or you can create a multi-entity publication/blog.

Really it depends on the strength of your business and the demands of your business.  Creating a publication as a single entity is easier, but you will get much greater benefit from associating with a group.

Remember.  A successful publication/blog requires two things:

  1. Consistent and targeted content creation.
  2. Consistent and targeted content distribution.

Keep these two things in mind when you choose where to start. There is no reason you can't create your own publication and participate in a group as well.

Single Entity Publications

Sometimes a business has enough content and distribution partners (staff/influencers/social media) to create a publication on their own. By creating a publication this way with Klusster you achieve 4 things.

  1. You can put your Klusster together faster.
  2. You can track the staff participation and engagement very easily.
  3. You can improve SEO by having your content distributed in more places.You can be set up to participate in PEER or Group Publications.
  4. You are set up to participate in PEER or Group Publications/blogs when the time comes.

A second alternative...

PEER or Group Publications (Multi-Entity)

A PEER Blog/publication with as few as two, significantly increases your ability to get found online. We know that distributing content alone can be tough.

Create a group blog/publication with Klusster and reach more people.

Most businesses have relationships in their community that allow them to PARTNER with at least one other company to share information and create a quality GROUP blog/publication.

Klusster makes it easy to:

1) Create Content

2) Create Branded GROUP blogs/publications.

3) Have multiple entities participate in distribution.

Note on SEO: Klusster can help you generate improved SEO.  THE NUMBER ONE KEY to this success is to get your content distributed.  Creating content and NOT having your content distributed WILL NOT have a material impact on your SEO success.

Why work alone distributing your content?


It all starts with a plan.  Klusster is a very easy to use tool. We can tell you stories of improved SEO, of significant leads created with a single piece of content.

Our advice is simple.  We highly recommend you take the time to plan your strategy, plan your system.  If you do, life will be smooth as silk.

Check out the Checklist

If you need any help, whatsoever building your publications, we suggest you consider joining our webinar. Klussters come in all shapes and sizes and it helps to understand best how to utilize Klusster.

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Who Should Attend?

  1. Digital Marketers
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  5. Social Media Professionals

Klusster is an all-in-one cooperative marketing, influencer marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing and SEO marketing tool.

And we can't wait to show you.