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MARKETERS: 2 Ways To Build Your Business With Klusster

Fortunately, as marketers, we are entering an age where our clients have some appreciation for getting more content online.

MARKETERS: 2 Ways To Build Your Business With Klusster

Below are two ways, the Klusster Group Publishing Platform helps marketers help their clients get found online with Klusster.

1. The Solo Publication

Creating a customized publication for your clients can get them greater search results and greater exposure.

Most of us have clients that are beginning to put better content on their websites. They know that if someone lands on the website, they can not only make a good impression, but a poor impression if the content is not up to par.

But in order to get true validity, reference (links) to that content & traffic needs to continually flow.

Klusster provides this.

We have a local client that has a publication powered by Klusster where each week they upload a single piece of content, legitimately referencing content on their website.

Their staff, using the Klusster TEAM ALERT social sharing program, shares the content to help boost the distribution.  Pretty easy way for our client to reach 500-1000 more people each month.

What's nice about the Team Alerts (Two Weekly Notifications to encourage sharing) is that the business owner can track and reward staff for sharing the publication.  The staff member gets credit for each piece of content they deliver using their social media.

The Solo publication has many benefits.

With a solo publication,  we are providing the community quality content and help our clients build a stronger brand by not coming off as heavy product service pushers.

Not to mention, our clients organic search has improved such that we generate 3 times as much traffic to the client website prior to building the SOLO PUBLICATION

What we like as well about the SOLO PUBLICATION is that this can set the stage for our client to expand their network and leverage their content into a GROUP PUBLICATION.

How we generate revenues

For us, we generate revenues for providing ongoing content and also measuring the success of each piece of content.  We can see what the staff likes to distribute and what the consumer likes to engage with.

Another example of a solo publication...

We worked with another client to create an article on RAY BANS, and within 2 weeks, this business rose to the first page of Google. Not because of tips or trickery, but because this was the only LOCAL business that created a good piece of content on RAY BANS in their town.

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You know the truth!

The truth of the matter is, the average local business owner has just not taken the time to create content, therefore, Google is driving people to businesses that may not be as strong a fit or those businesses competitors.

Klusster allows marketing professionals to easily start helping clients build content online and start to improve search immediately.

Create Your eMagazine, Get Found!

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2. The GROUP publication.

Once you create a SOLO publication for your client, the next step is to JOIN FORCES with other businesses to create a GROUP PUBLICATION.  A content distribution alliance.

Klusster allows groups of businesses to take their content from their portfolio  and syndicate it with others to GET MUCH GREATER DISTRIBUTION with a GROUP.

Wait, what's a Group Publication?

If 20 businesses each got together and brought 200 people a month to an publication, 4,000 people will read the articles from that publication.

The Math is amazing for your clients.

group, emagazine

Above is the healthy Waterloo eMagazine, here 25 businesses are working together and generate over 100,000 reads of their content each year.  Promotions, articles, videos. EVERY business gets more visibility with Klusster.

How You Generate Revenues?

Online publishing is changing.  Business owners continue to require outsourced content providers to get their content even online.  With Klusster, you can offer your clients a VERY UNIQUE way of reaching more people.

We have developed a program for our clients such that we provide our clients reasonable costs solutions.  With a GROUP publication, each business can 'earn' reduced fees by bringing more people to the publication.


We have reached over 35 million people online. Klusster is the next generation tool for content and online marketers.

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