Why Kikuyu Is One Of The Most Preferred Grasses For Golfers?

Why Kikuyu Is One Of The Most Preferred Grasses For Golfers?

Kikuyu grass lawn is a thick mat layer that is perfect for golf courses.

Kikuyu is a warm-season perennial grass that is indigenous to a Kenyan tribe. It is a low-growing grass that thrives in the warm season and spreads robustly by seeds, rhizomes, and stolons. Kikuyu is also characterized by stems and leaves that are covered with fine hairs. The Kikuyu grass is common in golf courses because of its impressive properties.

Why The Kikuyu Grass is Commonly Used In Golf Courses

Most golfers prefer the Kikuyu grass on golf courses, especially in the US. This is because of the advantages it offers. Here are some good reasons golfers prefer the Kikuyu.

● Coarse Texture

● Easy To Grow

● Better Ball Support

● Highly Tolerant

Coarse Texture

Kikuyu grass lawn is a thick mat layer that is perfect for golf courses. Thanks to its texture Kikuyu is commonly used in places with high traffic, like golf courses, as it is high traffic tolerant. Also, it helps protect players from getting injured easily. In fact, it contributes to recovery from specific injuries like pivot injury.

Easy To Grow

Golfers also use the Kikuyu grass because it is easy to grow. It doesn't require special conditions to grow and would survive with little or no maintenance. However, Kikuyu grows optimally in medium to heavy soil texture with alkaline or neutral pH. Kikuyu can survive with very little rain and in harsh weather conditions. It also spreads pretty fast, establishing itself in the entire field in no time. But when using Kikuyu for golf courses, proper management and maintenance must be employed. This is because if it is not controlled, Kikuyu can spread into areas where it’s not wanted.

Better Ball Support

Kikuyu, as the golf course grass, makes playing the game easier. Players can make better shots as the grass provides good playing conditions and ball support. Unlike other grasses, golfers won't experience the bump and run shot with the Kikuyu grass lawn. This is because Kikuyu acts as a sponge for the ball.

Highly Tolerant

Another advantage of using Kikuyu in golf courses is its high tolerance to a wide range of weather and soil conditions. Kikuyu has good tolerance to salinity and heat. It also grows with little rain and has good tolerance to drought. However, its growth rate reduces, with a slight color loss during drought. Kikuyu grass has low nitrogen requirements and competes well with weed invasion. If it is exposed to damage, it will recover quickly.

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